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Ajaz Khan Laments PM Modi & UP CM Yogi on Cow Protection, Maintains high level of Silence on Islamic Hooliganism

Our dear readers,

Our beloved country India is paying the heavy price for its secularism policy. Just for the name of secularism, corrupt leaders, police, biased media, incompetent law enforcement agencies, judiciary, CBI- all are tolerating the nonsense activities of Muslim hooligans and causing a great damage to our country. The contractors of the Muslim community is not only challenging the social fabric of this big country but threatening the democratically elected popular leaders for their actions, aimed at securing the life of countrymen.

As an alternative media organization, we have been reporting against the fringe groups of Muslims and ruffians actively. In a latest happening, Muslim actor Ajaz Khan, who plays negative roles in South Indian movies, released a video, in which he criticized India PM Modi & UP CM Yogi for cow protection and threatened both of them with dire consequences if Muslims & Hindus join their hands.

Let’s see the video and listen what he said:

Before talking about the double standards of Ajaz Khan, I would like to talk about cow protection initiative, which is being implemented strictly in India.

Cow Protection Initiative


India is a big country dominated by the people belonging to the Hindu religion. For Hindu folks, the cow is pious and they give this animal the status of “mother”. The governments of different states have passed strict laws to protect the cows and punish the illegal traders of this animal.

But, Muslims consume beef despite it is omitted in their holy book Quran. They are often involved in the illegal trade of cows despite it is banned by the law by different Indian states. The problem with Muslims is that they seek an excuse to clash with the Hindu community and don’t leave any chance to attack Hindu community.

Coming to the video of Ajaz Khan, the actor said that if PM Modi, UP CM Yogi AAdityanaath, and cow protectors are real men (have guts), then they must force Harley Davidson to shut down its operations in India because it sells belts made up of cow skin.

The actor must know that Harley Davidson is an American company which imports belts from the USA and sells them in the Indian market. It has no local production Unit, which makes belts using cow skin. So, the allegation made by the fretful actor is totally baseless and laughable.

Before lecturing INDIA PM and UP CM on cow protection, the actor must open the shutter of his mouth on the issues that are hurting his community badly:

  1. Producing more than one dozen children by Muslim couples and increasing the population of this country.
  2. Islamic terrorism claiming the lives of innocent people.
  3. Meaningless fatwas (religious orders) issued by Muslim clerics.
  4. High level of intolerance shown by Muslims towards other religions.
  5. Triple Talaq.
  6. Halala.
  7. Muslim community refusing to leave their old fashioned customs and rituals.
  8. Muslims goons pelting stones on Indian Army.
  9. The reason of Muslim community’s love for Islamic terrorism and blatant refusal to respect the national anthem and Indian laws.
  10. Oppression of females in Islam.
  11. Love Jihad and
  12. Why he sent vulgar sexual messages on WhatsApp to model Aishwarya Choubey?

Our observation:

Actor Ajaz Khan must open the shutter of his dirty mouth and release videos on all the matters mentioned here above. He should mind his own business and must not lecture what PM and CM should do. He must remind how Indian public thrashed Amir khan when he declared India as an Intolerant country. Before issuing videos, he must speak about the nonsense activities of his own community. Jay Hind. Jay Bharat.

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