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America-Syria-war-missile attack

America escalates Syria war with missile attack, Possibility of direct military clash between USA- Russia looms

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                                    The civil war in Syria, which started back in 2011 as a result of “Arab spring”, has now taken a serious turn. Every day, numerous people are being killed by the Muslim terrorist, America led western coalition and Syrian government supported by Russia, Iran, China, North Korea. These two groups are pushing their agenda in the name of war against terror. As a result, Syria has become a battleground where two superpowers of the world- The USA and Russia- are flexing their muscles needlessly.

A few days ago, a chemical attack occurred in Syria, in which 100 people killed on the spot and 400 others injured seriously. The use of chemical weapons is omitted by the UN. The chemical attack created an atmosphere of chaos, horror, and anger across the world. The western countries and its media blamed Syrian government without showing any proof.

Taking a sharp U-turn, Trump administration ordered to attack the Syrian Army. The American army dropped 59 missiles on Syrian Army base, in which 6 people killed and several others got injured. Soon after the attack, Syrian and Russian fighter planes launched a military offensive against ISIS terrorist.

After America’s attack on Syrian Army base, the whole world has divided into two camps. Several countries such as France, the UK, Germany, and Australia have supported America’s move in Syria. On the other hand, Russia has declared America’s action as a direct invasion of a “sovereign country.”

After this incident, Russia has started to increase its military presence in Syria. It has sent its submarine in Syria and warned the USA that it is close to war.

We all know that Russia is a powerful country with advanced weapons. A direct clash between Russia and America will be the commencement of 3rd World war and large scale destruction to the whole world.

Under Trump administration, the USA government seems directionless so far as America has started to fuel military conflicts in the different parts of the world to benefit its arms industry.

The tension between Russia and America has increased manifold. Russia has suspended a hotline service with the USA. So, there is the high possibility of a direct military clash between Russia and America. Let’s see what happens.

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