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America plays Trump card, Media propaganda did not work for Hillary

Our  Dear readers,

Donald Trump won USA presidential Election and became 45th USA president with clear mandet despite all negative media campaign against him.Trump’s win is a big blow to American seculars, Media prostitutes, fund providers of Hillary, Muslim and people opposing Trump unnecessarily. Here we will let you know some main reasons that contributed Trump’s win.
Donald Trump is a novice politician who joined politics just 18 months ago. Some political pundits are still in great shock how an inexperienced politician like Trump managed to convince American voters in his favor. Why Hillary Clinton could not succeed to secure enough votes despite having a long experience in American politics?
The reason behind this is very simple. Donald Trump addressed almost all basic issues that relates to all common American s. Have a look at some key issues-

1. A total ban on Muslims entering the USA:

Muslims are notorious for their hooliganism. Wherever they live, they create unnecessary chaos and disturb the life of Non-Muslim population. Islamic terrorism is a reality in the USA. That is Trump said: He will place a complete ban on Muslims entering the USA. The Media of entire world criticized him  unnecessarily but did not dare to tell the truth that Muslims account for 99.99% of all terrorist attacks all over the world. Media declared him a racist bigot just because he told the truth{Islam hates America} and wowed to protect America from Islamic Terrorism. Hillary did not think it necessary to open the shutter of her mouth against Islamic terrorism because she received a huge donation from Muslim countries to maintain higher level of Silence about Islamic terrorism.

2. Build a wall on Mexico-America boarder:

According to Trump, Mexico send drug addicts & rapists to the the USA and citizens of Mexico send Millions of USA dollars to their own country. To stop illegal immigration from Mexico, Trump said- He will get a wall made on the USA- Mexico boarder and will ask Mexico to pay for it. Illegal immigration is a big issue in America. Hillary Clinton did not speak on this matter at all.

3. Make America great Again:

No doubt America is great and it’s a dream country for Millions of people living around the world. But all is not well in the USA-
A. America’s debt is reaching a massive figure of 20 Trillion Dollar,
B. The country is trapped in several endless wars in the world,
C. Common Americans are losing their jobs rapidly and companies have outsourced their jobs to the countries where skilled labor is available at affordable costs.
Trump promised Americans to address all these issues honestly and vowed to make it great again. Hillary did not make any such commitment.

4. NATO:

According to Trump, NATO is a white elephant and it’s true. The World doesn’t need NATO anymore now as there is no World war these days and almost all countries have their own army to protect themselves. So why waste the money of American Taxpayers for a military organization which is no longer useful?

5. Punish Pakistan &  China:

Donald Trump wowed to have Good relationship with India and said that he will take action against Pakistan-if it doesn’t shun its policy of exporting Islamic terrorism to India & rest of the world
China- This country manufactures low quality goods & dumps it into the world market at cheap rates and damages the economy of other countries for its own benefits. Trump promised to punish china as it damages USA economy by manipulating its currency.

6. Protect Israel:

Trump promised to protect Israel, a small Jewish country in Middle East, at all costs. Hillary Clinton did not make such commitment.

7. Good relationship with Russia:

Currently, the relationship between the USA and Russia is strained & tensed because of  Ukraine conflict, war in Syria, etc. Trump & Putin has praised to work together to ease tension between two countries and solve issues related to the world.

Our observation:

Although Donald Trump is absolutely new to politics and we don’t know how he works. Just wait & watch and see what he does for the betterment of the USA and the World. Trump’s victory is a lesson to American Media which ran propaganda news against Donald Trump and favored Hillary Clinton despite her controversial role in Email scandal and other controversies. Truth always wins.
Jay Hind. Jay Bharat.

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