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Austria bans burka on public places

Austria bans Burka on Public Places and distribution of Quran

It seems that the entire Non-Muslim world has started to realize the potential dangers of hosting Muslims and adjusting their old-fashioned rituals which are no longer useful in this fast Moving & modern world.

We have been continuously reporting about the nonsense activities of Muslims around the World. In this series, we have come across a new development in the European Union which is blown to nonsense Muslims.
As per the reports we have, the Government of Austria has passed a law to ban Muslim females from wearing the burka. It has also prohibited the free distribution of Quran. Anyone who is found to be violating the law will be slapped with a hefty fine of $166 (around 10, 373 Indian rupees).
We think that it’s a right step taken by the Government of Austria to protect the country from terrorism loving Muslims and save this beautiful country from Islamification. 

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