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Bangladesh refuses to accept Rohingya Muslims, a good lesson for secular Indian governments

Bangladesh refuses to accept Rohigya Muslims

Bangladesh is a small Muslim country. It was created by India by breaking Pakistan into two pieces. Due to Islamic fanaticism, this small country could not make the progress it should have made. Recently, despite being a Muslim country, Bangladesh ...

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Beef vs Milk: Choice Is Yours


Our Dear readers,                               A few days ago, the central government in India issued a notification, banning the sale and purchase of animals only for slaughter. The decision was taken on the directives of the Honorable Supreme Court of India.  As ...

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सेक्युलर भारत में बढ़ता हुआ मुस्लिमो की गुंडागर्दी, तीन तलाक के खिलाफ फैसला देने पर जज के खिलाफ फतवा

judge triple talaq fatwa

आजकल पुरे भारत में तीन तलाक के ऊपर जोरदार बहस छिड़ी हुई है। तीन तलाक और हलाला जैसी  रिवाज को मुस्लिम चरमपंथी जारी रखना चाहते है लेकिन यह प्रथा मुस्लिम महिलाओ के जीवन में भूचाल ला रहा है। हमें प्राप्त ...

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लालू यादव ने संसद भवन के अंदर किया पत्रकारों का अपमान, मीडिया की आजादी के समर्थको के मुह पर लगा ताला


पूर्वी भारत का बदहाल राज्य बिहार अपने जनप्रतिनिधियों के मूर्खतापूर्ण बयानों, जंगलराज, हाई क्राइम रेट, भीषण बेरोजगारी, जातिवादी नेताओ के राजनितिक नौटंकियो और सभी प्रकार की नकारात्मक खबरों के लिए बदनाम है. हम सभी जानते है की लालू यादव के ...

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Bad Days for Black Money Holders, Switzerland to share the details of Bank Account Holders with India

images (63)

Black money has been a problem for India since long. Corrupt leaders from all political parties, business firms, public celebrities, and corporate houses involve in tax avoidance activities. They deposit their black money in Swiss bank and other countries notorious ...

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Anti-Islam protest in America & England, bad days for Muslims Hooligans


Our Dear Readers, After a series of Islamic terrorist attacks in England, Germany, France, and other Western countries, the anger against Islam and  stupid Muslims are increasing rapidly. Now, local population living in western countries have started to experience the ...

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Indian Army brings Good Days for 9 Kashmiri Students, helped them pass IIT Entrane Exam


Look at the following sentences- 1. They raise Anti-India slogans, 2. They throw stones on Indian Army soliders, 3. They shelter the Muslim terrorist of Pakistan and local Terrorist Elements also. But, in spite of all these problems, Indian army ...

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Norway to Ban Burka in Schools and Universities

norway wants to ban burkha

Our Dear Readers,   As a responsible media organization, we try our level best to make you aware of the important happenings in India and around the world. We dig up the untold events and stories for you which are ...

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Modi Govt kicks lazy Government Employees, asked them to leave the Job


India PM Modi is famous for his growth oriented politics & strict discipline. All those who are careless in their duties, are not liked by the PM MODI. In India, public sector employees draw their salaries on  time, but they ...

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Yogi Government is in Action, marriage registration becomes mandatory in UP


Since when the newly elected Yogi Government came into power, it has taken several steps to better the condition of UP. From Now ownwards, newly married couples in the state will have to get their marrige registered to gain the ...

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