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Award Returning Drama and Intolerance India campaign Kicks off Once Again in India, All Seculars are ok with Muslim Terrorism & hooliganism for the sake of secularism

Our dear readers,

Since 2014, when the BJP kicked the most corrupt political party congress out of power and formed a strong government in NEW DELHI under the leadership of PM Modi, Congressi Pimps, biased press reporters, self proclaimed secular leaders, champions of Dalit and Muslim votes, seasonal intellectuals- all started to feel restless under Modi regime. All these craps started to complain about so called increasing intolerance in India. We have seen a massive intolerance campaign in India launched by the paid agents of Congress and foreign NGOs. Active social media users, political figures, common people, and conscious citizens of this country exposed the political motive of that intolerance campaign and its impact was lost within a few days.  For example-

See how Anupam Kher, a well-known actor in India, blasted congressi Pimps for their vile campaign to defame India and Modi government.

All these secular craps were with okay with the nonsense activities of congress regime in last 60 years. No one opened the shutter of his/her mouth and returned their “awards” when-

  1. Congress organized many riots in the different parts of India to gain power,
  2. Congressi hooligans killed around 3000 sikh people to revenge the assassination of the late PM Indra Gandhi,
  3. Congress imposed “emergency” in India and jailed all those who speak against the installation of Emergency,
  4. A Congressi CM helped the director of an American company to flee from India ( on the instruction of then INDIA PM) whose criminal act killed many people in Madhya Pradesh,
  5. Muslim appeasement policy of congress,
  6. Lots of scams and financial frauds, etc.

Now, the self- proclaimed agents of “secularism” and “Freedom of Expression”, whose bread and butters comes from Anti-India, Anti-Hindu, pro-Muslim and terrorist political party congress, foreign NGOs, Pakistan, ISI, other self-proclaimed secular parties in India, have started to cry foul about Modi government to defame him internationally.

With an intention to attack Modi government and gain media attention, congressi pimps and self-proclaimed seculars have started the intolerance campaign once again.

A few days ago, a stupid Muslim youth Zunaid was killed by angry mob when he molested a Hindu girl on train while he was returning from Delhi. Biased Indian Media tried its level best to blame Hindu folks for the killing of Zunaid and ran the story that Hindu Mob killed him accusing him the agent of Pakistan, carrying beef and calling him a traitor. All these reports are fake and untrue.

On this basis of this incident, a congressi Pimp and Muslim lady Shabnam Hashmi returned her award. But, the actual reason is that government of India has cancelled her NGO’s eligibility to take donations from foreign donors. So, he wants to take revenge from Modi government and malign his image anyhow.

On the other hand, secular pimps and agents of Muslim appeasement policy organized “NOT IN MY NAME” drama in 11 Indian cities to protest the killing of the molestator Muslim Zunaid.

Look at the following chart to know where they organized their politically motivated drama-

City Place where they organized drama
Delhi Jantar Mantar
Kolkata Dakhinapan, Dhakuria
Chandigarh Sector 17
Lucknow Gandhi Park, GPO
Hyderabad Tank Bund
Bangaluru Bangalore Town Hall
Thiruvananthapuram The Secreatariat
Mumbai Promenade, Carter Road
Pune Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Statue, near Pune Station)
Chennai Gandhi Statue, Marina Beach
Patna Outside Kargil Chowk


The interesting fact is that this drama was organized was congressi pimps on the instructions of their bosses sitting in Pakistan, US, UK, and Canada.

Have a look at an Anti-Modi Article published in Huffington Post, by Shivam Vij. I have pointed out some extremely objectionable points made by the stupid author-

  1. 15-year-old Junaid Khan was killed in a train for being Muslim

The writer did not open the shutter of his month on the crime of Zunaid- molestating a Hindu girl sitting next to him.

  1. The BJP is clear in that it does not even seek Muslim votes. In fact, it seeks to exclude Muslims from political power. It is unable to find a single Muslim to give an election ticket to in most elections.

Why the BJP should force Muslims to vote it when they are not willing to do so? Why the BJP should give tickets to Muslims when Muslims don’t vote for the party?

  1. The BJP has risen to power by, among other things, fixing its upper caste bias.

Mister, all those who voted Modi government to power are not foolish. Don’t think only you are intelligent.

See Some Biased Twits-

Real identity– Congressi Journalist, a Pakistani spy under the cover of press reporter. Her main job is to defend Islamic terrorism, leak the sensitive details of India to Pakistan, promote Pakistani propaganda in India and do all possible things to justify the Muslim hooliganism. A hater of Hindu religion, culture, India, BJP and RSS.

A Muslim journalist on the paycheck of ISI in India. Her main job is to defame the Hindu religion and protect Muslim hooligans.

  1. The way #NotInMyName protest is being attacked by BJP, Times Now & Republic TV, it has clearly ruffled the right feathers!@StopMobLynching

— Shehla Rashid (@Shehla_Rashid) June 28, 2017

A Muslim prostitute from JNU who is engaged in anti-national activities.

Just have a look at the chart which exposes the double standards of seculars-

Incident Religion of the victim Nature of the clash Reaction given by secular stupid rascals
Muslim hooligans kill on duty Muslim police officer in Jammu and Kashmir. Muslim Muslim Vs Muslim Did not open the shutter of their mouth
Muslims pelting stones of Indian army —— Terrorist Muslim Vs Indian Army Seculars speak in favor of Muslim terrorists killed by police firing but doesn’t show sympathy with injured/killed jawans
Indian Army in rapist: Azam Khan ……… Terrorist Muslim Azam Khan Vs Indian Army No reaction or media trial
Indian Army head is a hooligan: Congress leader ……. Congressi Pimp Vs Indian Army No reaction or media trial
Lynching of Akhlakh(accused of consuming beef) Muslim Muslim Vs Hindu Hyper Aggressive reaction, 24*7 Media trial
Killing of Hindus in Kerela and west Bengal Hindu Hindu Vs Muslim No reporting


From the above chart, it is clear that seculars open the shutter of their mouth when the victim is Muslim. They maintain high-level silence when the victim seems to be Hindu.

So, our conclusion is that what these secular pimps are doing is a purely political drama. Keep doing that. Real Indians know all the right things. Jay Hind. Jay Bharat.

See This video-

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