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Beef vs Milk: Choice Is Yours

Our Dear readers,

                              A few days ago, the central government in India issued a notification, banning the sale and purchase of animals only for slaughter. The decision was taken on the directives of the Honorable Supreme Court of India.  As soon as the decision came into media limelight, brainless Muslims, pseudo-secular Hindu leaders, Islamic terrorism loving intellectuals, biased media workers- all unanimously criticized the order and accused the central government of unlawfully deciding the food habits of people.

Some people expressed that beef consumption is theirbasic right” and they will not follow the order of the central government in this regard. To protest the pro-India policies of the Modi government, Congressi hooligans openly assassinated a cow in the broad daylight in Kerala chanted anti-Modi slogans and distributed the beef shamelessly.

This shameful act was performed on the directives of the supreme leader of Congress. When the controversy surrounded this stupid activity of Congress hooligans, the supreme authority of Congress criticized the incident and suspended all volunteers involved in the case. No ambassador of intolerance opened to the shutter of their mouth of that anti-Hindu activity.

See this video- 

I want to take your attention to international news which was neglected by Indian media. Amid ongoing diplomatic standoff among Arab countries, A Qatari businessman has now decided to import 4000 cows from Australia and the US to maintain the supply of Milk.

Being an Indian and a proud Hindu, I believe this news is a tight slap for Muslims, Christian and so called secular Hindus who emphasize on beef consumption despite prohibited by the law.

In Islam, the consumption of pork is strictly omitted. Everyone is okay with that. All people- Muslims, secular Hindus and their political bosses never dare to call for the consumption of pork even by mistake. When Hindus try to ban the killing of cow and beef consumption, Muslims and their bootlickers start to face the problem.

Even in ISLAM, cow slaughter is strictly banned. I don’t know why Muslims, who refer the Quran in all matters of life, fail to obey this very teaching.

In New Delhi, Cow milk is sold at Rs 42/liter and buffalo milk at Rs 55/liter. Due to the high demand and less supply, the price of milk is skyrocketing, making it difficult for poor people to purchase milk from the market and feed their small children.

Due to the past pace of cow slaughter, several Indian states face the shortage of Milk. But Muslims, secular Hindus, and their political bosses are not worried about this chronic problem.

Being the son of a farmer, I believe that WE ALL INDIANS MUST TRY TO TAME AT LEAST ONE COW IN OUR LIFE. If this happens, there will be no shortage of milk and its related products. Anyone who talks about the killing of the cow should be thrashed like a forgotten donkey and punished in accordance with the applicable law.


Health problems caused by beef consumption-


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  1. Maniksidha P Bhambure

    Beef should be banned in totally across the Globe not only in India.

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