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jungle raaj in bihar

Bihar’s Backwardness- Who should be blamed- Foolish voters or joker politicians?

Have you heard about hilarious political joker Laloo Prasad Yadav? Have you seen self-proclaimed “Sushasan Babu (A political figure capable of maintaining law and order in a backward state)? If not, then, it’s time to Google the term “Bihar” and find out the results. But, there are several internet users who want all information collected at one webpage without any loss of time. For such people, this article will be a source of great knowledge.

Terminators of Bihar: political foes turned friends for power:


Bihar is a backward state located in East India. Patna is its capital and Hindi is the main language of this state. This state has many regional dialects. Bihar is mainly an agriculture based poor and backward state with 85% of its inhabitants earning just living salary to lead their life one way or another. This big state is has no considerable industry organizations and most of its employable workforce is forced to leave the province willingly or unwillingly and migrate to other states of India in search of job & employment. Every day, trains going out of Bihar are packed with Bihari students, daily wagers, private job holders, traders, etc and they all go into the different parts of India with the same goal of earning money and send some money back to families in Bihar so that they can lead their life.
Why, the situation is so grim that educated Bihari people leave their home state and settle in different parts of India? Why No industrial organization is ready to invest money in Bihar? Why Bihar is so infamous? Why Bihari Leaders are not interested in the development of Bihar? Why so called conscious and sensible voters have been choosing foolish leaders as the representatives of the state despite their failure to cultivate the much needed development works? Let’s find out.

There was a time When Bihar was a rich and prosperous state under congress regime. India’s oldest party congress ruled Bihar for around 35 years. But, unfortunately, Bihar witnessed the incarnation of an idiot, brainless, foolish and joker leader LALOO PRASAD YADAV, who was not interested in development works. MY (Muslim Yadav combination) was his secret formula to win state assembly elections with large scale frauds. Before LALOO PRASAD YADAV, there was an idiot and foolish Education minister in Bihar who made arrangements that allowed students to qualify 10th Class Exam without scoring pass marks in ENGLISH. In other words, he made the study of English “null and void in Bihar”. This deteriorated education level in Bihar and Bihari students started to face problems when they had to read English compulsorily in 10+2, Graduation, while preparing for various competitive recruitment exams, going for interviews held in private sector jobs (mostly conducted in English). Even today, the situation of Education is so grim that most of the students, who complete their education from Bihar board, have no communication skills in English and as a result they remain unfit for employment in private sector jobs where the sound knowledge of English is a mandatory condition for Employment.

This picture itself tells how excellent education system is in Bihar:


15 year’s regime of a political clown LALOO PRASAD YADAV was a complete disaster for Bihar as during his tenure, the entire state was paralyzed with state sponsored hooliganism, numerous financial scams and Embezzlement, high crime rates, crimes against females, demand of extortion money (commonly Known as Rangadari Tax) from rich people from all walks of life, complete destruction of all industries and their shifting from Bihar to other states of India, total destruction of infrastructure, etc. there was a complete chaos and mayhem in the state during that period and Bihar’s image became tarnished in the eyes of other states of India and abroad. Bihar and Bihari became an “abuse” outside the Bihar.

The problem here is that foolish voters in Bihar are interested in a foolish and corrupt leader Laloo Prasad Yadav who is actually a political clown that makes people laugh by cutting double meaning jokes. This is his specialty that dumps people’s mind into a tin of rotten garbage and they forget about the dismal condition of their state. I have never seen this brainless leader talking about the real issues of Bihar.

As the time change, several cases of corruption were framed against him and his several cabinet ministers. A time came when he had to resign Bihar CM post to face CBI investigation against him and consequently he was held guilty of Rs 950 crores fodder scam and was sentenced to jail for 5 years. But, thanks to our corrupt, ineffective and third -class Indian judiciary, which lectures several laws to poor and helpless people even for smaller crimes, but fails to keep a powerful corrupt people behind the bars, Criminal Laloo Prasad Yadav is out of jail on bail and leading a luxurious life on the tax payer’s money.

Nitish kumar, the CM of Bihar, is running this paralyzed state continuously for 3rd term; and projects himself as “Sushasan Babu” for maintaining law and order in previous two terms, When he became bihar CM with the support of BJP. When he was running a coalition government with BJP, Bihar was making huge progress and people started to realize that things are getting improved rapidly. During Nitish’s first 2 terms as Bihar CM, Bihar made progress with an annual growth rate of 11.2%. But, all of a sudden, Nitish dreamed of becoming India PM. But, his unrealistic dream led Bihar towards its back days.

Nitish kumar broke up his alliance with BJP and went into the lap of RJP and congress to save his government. Currently, Nitish kumar is running a fragile coalition government with the help of congress and RJD. RJD party is a group of illiterate and brainless leaders whose aim is to do cast based politics to divide the people and gain power anyhow.

As Nitish kumar is not a strong CM and he is under great pressure from Laloo, not to act against RJD supported Hooligans, Bihar is once again back in its old days of Jungalraaj. Two sons of Laloo are ministers in Nitish’s cabinet and so far, their performance is almost zero.

The problem with voters in Bihar that they believe that if their representative belongs to their cast, they will get the maximum benefit. This 3rd class thinking has ruined Bihar. The voters in Bihar don’t want employment, development, security in their states and they choose an idiot leader who is responsible for all round destruction of Bihar. What nonsense is this?

How Bihar became a MONEY ORDER ECONOMY?

Most of the educated people in Bihar leave the state in search of job and they are employed with various companies, organizations and firms spread across the country. They send some money to their families so that they can lead their life. Every year, millions of students go outside Bihar for higher studies and seeking jobs.

Present day situation:

Currently, Bihar needs at least 40, 000 crores investment per year continuously for 25 years for the revival of industries and all around development. The government of Bihar is asking for SPECIAL STATE STATUS without any blueprint as how they will use the money to develop Bihar. Granting special state status will not work if the mindset of people living in Bihar doesn’t change anytime soon and law and order issues are not addressed by the state Government.

What is the solution?

To do list:

  1. Voters in Bihar will have to change their old mindset of casting their vote for corrupt and incompetent leaders and they must choose good and honest leaders who are determined for state’s development,
  2.  The government of Bihar will have to improve law and order situation in Bihar. It will have to abolish political hooliganism and Rangadari Industry as soon as to invite private companies in Bihar,
  3. Allotment of lands at cheaper rates so that industries can set up their ventures at different locations in Bihar,
  4.  Relaxation in Taxes: This is must for inviting investment in the state,
  5. Infrastructure Improvement: The condition of Electricity supply, roads and communication must be improved.
  6. Establishment of New schools and colleges: It is essential to make Bihar an educational hub in India. Currently, Bihar is notorious for its rampant cheating scandal in Exams.
    This needs to be stopped at all cost as it spoils the credibility of Bihar Education system.
  7. Proper use of funds: It has been observed since long that Bihar Government was unable to make use of the funds provided by the Government of Bihar. It is one of the reasons why Bihar is so backward.

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