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BJP spokesperson files FIR against Journalist Rana Ayyub for insulting Ramnath Kovind

The term of current President  Pranav Mukherjee is ending on 24th of July. Political parties in India has intensified their political exercise to choose the new president of India. In this process, BJP nominated Ramnath Kovind as its candidate for President post. He is a noted lawyer, RSS worker, leader, former governor of Bihar, and a long time leader of BJP.


As soon as his name surfaced in media, a wave of restlessness is clearly seen in the eyes of stupid leaders of opposition parties. Many leaders from opposition parties such as Mulayam Yadav, Nitish Kumar, Mayawati, South Indian political leaders have expressed their support to BJP’s presidential candidate. While the opposition bloc led by Congress and left parties are still trying to maintain unity in the opposition camp and put forward its candidate for the Election of India president.


I am not a journalist. But, being a conscious citizen of this country, I know that it is the duty of journalists to collect the news from different sources and put it in the public domain as it is to be consumed by the audience.


But, these days, so called journalists have their political affiliation. As a result, they rape the news content to –


  1. Please their political bosses,
  2. Defame the Hindu Community, India, BJP & RSS,
  3. Cover the hooliganism of brainless Muslims,
  4. Promote the agenda of political parties,
  5. Create needless uproar and gain a huge TRP for their media houses,
  6. Ignite communal riots, etc.


Rana Ayyub is notorious for her Anti-India, anti-Hindu, Anti-BJP & RSS thoughts. She loves to carry the agenda of a Muslim terrorist country Pakistan in her news content.


Recently, she made an insulting remark on Ramnath Kovind. This irked BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. As a result, she lodged a FIR against Rana Ayub in this regard. Let’s see how this Muslim Journalist responds the BJP spokesperson legally. We will inform you any further development on this issue as the situation folds.

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  1. very well done there care few more candidates who always say antinational statements…include them also…congratulations Nupurji

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