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Islamic Terrorism hits Spain & Germany hard, 13 people killed, several injured


Berlin and Barcelona: It seems that European countries are paying a heavy price for their open door policy in which they rehabilitate migrants from mainly Muslim countries in the name of human welfare, humanity, and secularism.   In a shocking incident, ...

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After Spain & Germany, terrorists attacked in Finland and killed 3 people


Helsinki, Finland: It seems the Europe is under Islamic terrorism. After the terrorist attack in Spain & Germany, terrorists attacked in Finland and killed 3 people. In Finland, police confirmed two deaths and six people injured at two marketplaces near each ...

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Israel furious with Al-Jazeera’s biased coverage, threatens to block it in the country


Al-Jazeera, which is notorious for justifying Islamic terrorism and speaking in favour of Muslim terrorists, has landed in a trouble once again. This time it has annoyed Israel with its biased reporting. Israel is a small country which is surrounded ...

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Philippines Thrashes Muslims, Plans to Issue a Separate Identification Card for Muslims


These days, Philippines is fighting with the Muslim terrorists of ISIS. Just like India, Philippines have been a victim of Islamic Terrorism since long. Muslims living in this small nation has been waging a war against the country to demand ...

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Meanwhile in the Middle East: It’s Muslim Vs Muslim


We all know that Muslims always talk about the unity among the members of their community and they all become unanimous when it comes to- Protect the follow Muslims (accused of crime, rape, and other criminal offenses) from legal action ...

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Big blow to CNN, 3 CNN journalists forced to resign from jobs after their News content proved untrue


Our Dear Readers,   Fake News, biased media organizations and politically affiliated journalists often create chaos in India. We very well know that many Indian news outlets peddle white lies, promote the agenda of their political bosses, pass the sensitive ...

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Bangladesh refuses to accept Rohingya Muslims, a good lesson for secular Indian governments

Bangladesh refuses to accept Rohigya Muslims

Bangladesh is a small Muslim country. It was created by India by breaking Pakistan into two pieces. Due to Islamic fanaticism, this small country could not make the progress it should have made. Recently, despite being a Muslim country, Bangladesh ...

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Anti-Islam protest in America & England, bad days for Muslims Hooligans


Our Dear Readers, After a series of Islamic terrorist attacks in England, Germany, France, and other Western countries, the anger against Islam and  stupid Muslims are increasing rapidly. Now, local population living in western countries have started to experience the ...

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Norway to Ban Burka in Schools and Universities

norway wants to ban burkha

Our Dear Readers,   As a responsible media organization, we try our level best to make you aware of the important happenings in India and around the world. We dig up the untold events and stories for you which are ...

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Kabul Blast: Massive Bomb hidden in a Sewage Tanker kills 90 and injures 400

kabul blast

“Massive suicide truck bomb blast has rocked the diplomatic quarter of Kabul in foreign embassies houses today. In this blast At least 90 are dead and 400 more were injured in the explosion, according to Afghan health ministry officials. The ...

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