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Is Japan pursuing Muslim Appeasement Policy?


A few days ago, we have reported how south Korea is ignoring the potential dangers of inviting Muslims in the country as tourists. Now it seems that Japan, a developed country which doesn’t issue visa and residency permit to Muslims ...

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South Korea wants to be attacked by Muslim terrorists, allows beef & halal food in the country to attract Muslim Tourists


South Korea is a developed country. But it seems that it doesn’t know the potential dangers of going soft with Muslims. Currently, the relationship between China and south Korea has soured  due to the south Korea’s decision to allow Americans ...

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Pakistan’s Army uncomfortable with bitter truth, blocks NewYork Times article in Pakistan


Pakistan is a country of brainless Muslims, whose prime job is to export terrorists to India and rest of the world. This terrorist country is run by a terrorist organization which has covered the mask of Army.  We all know ...

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Breaking! Tension Mounting in Korean Peninsula, All leading World powers preparing for a large Scale War

Tension Mounting in Korean Peninsula

Our Dear Readers, Tension is rapidly increasing in the Korean peninsula. Despite repeated calls from the world community to halt the test of atomic weapons, North Korea is doing the test of atomic weapons one after another. This small country, ...

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