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After CBI Raid Against Corruption king Laloo Yadav & his Family Members, It’s Laloo Vs Nitish in Bihar

Patna, Bihar

Recently, CBI raided the houses of corruption king Laloo Yadav, attached the properties of his relatives and grilled the deputy CM of Bihar Tejaswini Yadav, Misa Bharti & her husband in financial crimes. Soon after CBI raid, Bihari clown Laloo Yadav organizationid a Press conference in Patna and accused directly PM Modi of being involved in vendetta politics. He vowed to kick Modi out of power in 2019 Loksabha Election.

In fact, Laloo Yadav and his entire political party is an organization of brainless, corrupt, illiterate and arrogant politicians. Under Laloo’s Laten Yug, Bihar was destroyed completely. But the surprising fact is that Lalloo Yadav and his entire family made rapid progress in Bihar through large-scale corruption, scams, running the extortion industry from backdoors, and threatening the business class people in Bihar. This is the reason business organizations and companies left Bihar, making it a poor and undeveloped state.

As CBI has lodged an FIR against the deputy CM and there is high probability of his arrest in the case, JD(U) and CM Nitish kumar has started to pressurize Tejaswini either to reply the accusations made against him with solid proof or resign from the Government. On the other hand, RJD chief Laloo Yadav has dismissed any possibility of the resignation of his son Tejaswini merely on the basis of corruption charges.

 Both parties have refused to withdraw from their stand. The situation is so tensed that cold war has now launched. Spokesman from both parties are vomiting fire against each other. Meanwhile, BJP has offered help if Nitish walks out of Grand alliance.


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