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China Bans Muslim’s Religious dress & long beard, No cry from Muslim clerics

Recently, the Chinese government banned burqas, veils and “abnormal” beards in Xinjiang, a province where 10 million Muslims live. It is not for the first time when the Chinese government takes this step. Before I discuss this issue in detail, let’s have a look some of the main steps taken by the Chinese government to curb the toxic version of ISLAM and deal with Islamic aggressively.

  1. China compelled Muslims to dance on the road.
  2. China breaks several mosques and Muslims clashed with Chinese police.
  3. China bans Muslims to keep fast during Ramadan.

These are some of the examples as how Chinese government deals with the nonsense activities of Muslim fringe groups. Wherever Muslims Go, they try to impose their old-fashioned rule and culture and force the non-Muslim population to accept Islam sooner or later. They never want to respect other religions and adopt other cultures.

Some of the nonsense activities of Muslims are given in the following chart. Have a look and know how their nonsense activities cost the host country dearer:

Muslim’s Nonsense activities Consequences
Giving birth to many kids Additional pressure on the nation’s resources, lack of drinking water, jobs, House, law, and order problem, etc
Terrorism + Jihad Killing of innocent lives, damage of public property.
Intolerance towards other religions and culture Systematic elimination of Non-Muslim population from a particular area
Burka or Hijab A tool to keep Muslim females under confinement
Sharia Law A brutal law system of Muslims in which Non-Muslims are considered inhuman and females have no right
Pray Prayer to Muslim God Allah 5 times in a day Wastage of time and resources
Focus on eating beef even if it is banned by law Muslim hooliganism
Using loudspeakers to pray the Muslim God Causing intense Noise pollution
Rape Jihad A brutal & heinous crime against Non-Muslim Girls and force them to accept Islam sooner or later
Issuing religious (fatwas) orders by hallow minded Muslim clerics A practice to hijack the Muslim society and stop them from leading a normal life or leaving Islam


Triple Talaq(Divorce) A tool to harass Muslim females sexually  and throwing them like garbage by saying “talak” just 3 times
Blasphemy law To punish those who stand up against the nonsense activities of Muslims
A clear No to Science, New technology & Logic foolishness


See What Muslims are doing in Europe:

Muslims have been creating nonsense wherever they live and they unanimously oppose any new change in their religion. Countries like India, America, China, Russia, Europe, Africa, and Israel are the biggest victim of Islamic terrorism and nonsense activities.

That is why; All Non-Muslim World is joining hands to fight the Islamic nonsense. This decision will help china to keep itself protected from Muslim filth.

See this video to understand the reality about ISLAM:

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