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China interferes in India’s internal affair, India junks Chinese propaganda vehemently

Recently, Dalai Lama, a Tibetan spiritual leader visited Arunachal Pradesh. His visit to Arunachal Pradesh invited a sharp and angry response from China. Expressing great displeasure on his visit to Arunachal Pradesh, china warned India not to use Dalai Lama as a card against China and threatened that if India keeps supporting the Tibetan leader, it can take action in Kashmir.  Giving the best fitting reply to china, India said that China should not interfere in India’s internal affair.

It is not for this first time that China has interfered in India’s internal matter.  China and India have border disputes because of which, attacked India back in 1962 and captured Indian territory AXAI CHIN forcefully.  It also some parts of Jammu and Kashmir, gifted by Pakistan- India’s arch rival.

China is a stupid country which likes to extend its borders by capturing the lands of other countries unlawfully. It occupied a free country Tibet in 1950 and annexed in itself forcefully. It also threatens Taiwan– an independent country from time-to-time and wants to annex this small nation in itself. China also threatens Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam and asks them to stay away from the South China Sea as it considers the whole sea as its own property.

This is nothing, but the arrogance of power and money. The problem with china is that it doesn’t respect International laws, threatens small countries, captures the lands of other countries forcefully and dump low quality Chinese goods to the World market to get the unfair advantage. As a result, china has strained relationship with most of the countries of the world.

Now, china has started to call “Arunachal Pradesh” as a part of South Tibet and wants to take it away from India. It also calls Sikkim as China’s part. How stupid country china is?

China considers Dalai Lama as a “separatist leader” and strongly opposes his foreign trips and meeting with world leaders. He has been living in India for a long time and is not involved in any anti-china activities.

Chinese propaganda bullhorn, Global times, which is infamous for its untrue and misleading editorials, wrote an article and said that

  • China is more powerful than India,
  • Chinese economy is 5 times bigger than India,
  • China has better relation with its neighboring countries and
  • If China starts a war against India will this country be able to sustain Chinese aggression?

We believe that China must not overestimate its military power. Of course, it is a powerful country, but it should not forget the fact that India has increased its military power a lot in last 45 years and definitely it’s not a weak country like what it was in 1962. Indian army is capable of giving a great blow to china and Indian missiles can destroy the inner parts of China completely if a full-scale is launched between India and china.

So, China must mind its own business and should not interfere in India’s internal affairs. If it doesn’t like India, it can break its relationship with India and recall its ambassador from New Delhi. There is no need to make hue and cry every now and then like an irritated child. Jay hind. Jay Bharat.

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