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Chinese Media Low Level Journalism- Calls India a Spoiled Child

Our dear Readers,

Corruption in media is not a new thing. We Indians see biased media reporting on a daily basis and the false propaganda of some Indian News channels, magazines and papers are so rampant that even common people have started to make calls to shut down the biased media outlets for their crime of ignoring the truth completely and do misleading reporting on a regular basis.

Being an IT professional (A content writer and Social Media Optimizer), I browse the different websites of the World almost on a daily basis to satisfy my quest for new information and keep myself up-to-date with the latest happenings of the World. That is why; a stupid media organization can’t shape up my opinion in a negative way.

A few days ago, while browsing the Global Times, an English-language Chinese Newspaper, I came across an insulting and extremely objectionable article which terms “India” like a spoiled child. I could not stop my laugh, and I was extremely shocked to know how media persons and organizations can go to such a low level to demonize a famous person/celebrity or a country that too unnecessarily. It is also notable that Global times is not an independent media organization and is tightly controlled by the Chinese Government that is hostile to India since long.

 Stupid Chinese Media organization- Global Times

Stupid Chinese Media organization- Global Times

In my personal opinion, India is perhaps the only country in Asia that can challenge China’s hegemony at world level. That is the reason why China hates India and wants to destroy it through proxy wars (via an Islamic terrorist country Pakistan).

China is a stupid country, and its stupid activities are so rampant that it never hesitates to adopt Anti-India stand to please India’s enemy No. 1 country Pakistan. Despite several challenges and obstacles, India is making progress by leaps and bounds and its development speed so fast that recently INDIAN ECONOMY SURPASSED THE UK.

Currently, India is making progress @ 7.2% per year, and in 2015, it attracted the highest FDI. That is why; famous politicians from all over the World, Western media organizations, and financial experts- all have expressed positive views of India’s economy. As China is envious of India’s progress, it has started to show its frustration in the ugliest form.

Let’s know some of the bitter truth about China that Global Times forget to mentioned before branding India as a stupid child

  1. China is a communist country, which is ruled by one party. In this country, there is no Freedom of Expression at all. Ordinary Chinese people can’t speak out against the government.
  2. Top tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, are completely banned in China,
  3. China captures the territories of other countries forcefully. So far, it has captured Tibet, Aksai chin and some portions of Jammu and Kashmir (Indian state) and annexed them to China.
  4. China consider Taiwan (an independent country), Sikkim & Arunachal Pradesh (two Indian states) as its own provinces and tries to grab it forcefully,
  5. China says that “Entire South China Sea is it personal property– a false claim rejected by the International Court.
  6. China dumps its cheap quality goods in the World market at lower price and cause severe financial damage to the countries that important Chinese goods,
  7. China supports Islamic terrorism against India (by supporting an Islamic terrorist country Pakistan) so that India may not develop fully.
  8. China attacked India back in 1962 and caused as a great damage. Now it wants to encircle India in the name of reviving silk root.

So, from above examples, it is crystal clear that China doesn’t want India’s development at any cost. It wants to stall India’s rapid growth anyhow.

Our observation:

A stupid media organization (In fact, a propaganda bullhorn of Stupid Chinese government) must introspect first and expose the mischief and wrongdoings of the Chinese government at first before calling India a spoiled kid.  We Indians strongly reject this low class article written by the Chinese duffer Wen Dao.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat.

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