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Chinese Propaganda Bullhorn Global Times threatens India with military action, India fights back

Our Dear Readers,

The tension between a stupid communist country China and India is increasing with each passing day. Both of these two countries have deployed lethal weapons, tanks and Military on the border. China is determined to grab Bhutan’s territory at all costs. On the other hand, India has vowed to protect Bhutan from Chinese hooliganism and forced inclusion.

After facing a tough response from Indian side, it seems that China has lost its cool and started to talk nonsense. Chinese Newspaper Global Times, which is under the direct control of the Government of china, has started to vomit poison against India.

Recently, this propaganda newspaper has threatened India with war, ignite separatist movement in Indian province Sikkim, and cause a great damage. It also accused India of violating the International law and making Bhutan slave.

Replying the threat of military action from China, the defense minister of India Arun Jaitely reminded china that India has changed a lot since 1962 and it is not easier for china to launch a full scale war against India.

Despite threats and needless rhetoric, here are some reasons why China would not like to launch a full-scale war against India-

  • Image problem- China has disputes with almost all of its neighboring countries. All are trying to make a coalition to counter  the Chinese hooliganism. For America and western countries, china is not a reliable partner. Especially America considers China as a stupid country, currency manipulator, supplier of low-quality products and creator of needles problems. The standoff between America and China is increasing. If china launches a new war against India, no country(besides Pakistan)is going to support it.
  • India’s huge market- In spite of division back in 1947, still India is a big country. As Chinese Economy is based on export and is slowing down, China would not like to lose its Indian market by starting a needless war against India.

    1. India’s military strength-  Although, Chinese army is more powerful than Indian army, China must not underestimate the power of Indian army. Indian army can cause a significant damage to china if a full scale war is launched. China should not keep itself it the category of superpowers like America and Russia.

  • Diplomatic support- So far, countries like Britain, France, America, Russia, Israel and Bhutan have supported India’s stand on this dispute. In case of war, it is very difficult for china to gain support from the International community.
  • Silk route project- These days, China is engaged in the promotion and implementation of its silk route project- which was boycotted by several countries including India. In case of war with India, the participant countries can treat China as an aggressor and exit the project too.

Even after this, If china starts a war against India, Indian army must cause the maximum damage to this stupid Country so that it can stop threatening us and grabbing the land of its neighboring countries.
See this video in Hindi to understand the whole matter quickly-

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