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A Christian man punished in Indonesia for criticizing Islam

Just like India, Muslim hooliganism is rapidly spreading in all parts of the world and the non-Muslim population is singing the song of Secularism and brotherhood to appease fundamentalist Muslims.
Muslims are free to criticize anyone, but nobody can dare to decry their Nonsense logic. If someone dares, they deal with him/her with an iron hand.
As per the reports we have, the former governor of Jakarta, the capital of the Muslim country Indonesia, have been sentenced to 2 years of jail confinement by sharia court for blasphemy {criticism of Islam).
Our foolish INDIAN scholars bark like a dog on the television screen, social media channels, sold out media channel to declare India “as an intolerant country”. But they don’t dare to tell who is real intolerant.
I believe this is an act of intolerance. No matter how developed Muslim countries are, they will never abandon the stupid activities of Islam. So, always be careful while visiting Muslim countries of the world as you never know under which stupid law, you are going to be arrested and punished like this Christian man.

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