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Congress stupid action continues, now threatens Big B to stop promoting GST

Congress, India’s main opposition party, seems directionless since when it lost to BJP in 2014 Lok Sabha Election.


Before talking about the main news content, I would like to present a list of congress’s gift to the Nation in last 60 years rule-

  1. Division of the United India. 30% of INDIAN territory gifted to Muslims. During India-Pakistan division, 30 lakh Hindus were killed by Muslim goons.
  2. Upon the request of so-called Mahatma, RS 65 crores gifted to Pakistan, which is still unrecovered.
  3. Muslim appeasement policy.
  4. Large scale corruption.
  5. Gifted Tibet to stupid country China.
  6. Soft policy towards an Islamic terrorist Country Pakistan.
  7. Communal riots,
  8. Declined to be a part of the security council, etc.

These days, Congress is behaving like an Anti-India terrorist organization. Have a look at some of its recent stupid actions-


  1. Provoking farmers to get involved in riots in Madhya Pradesh, plan foiled. Rahul Gandhi tried to perform his best to create the needless political drama.
  2. Supporting the anti-national students of JNU.
  3. Attacking Indian army.
  4. Raising the question mark on Indian army surgical strike in POK.
  5. Insulting the World Yoga Day.
  6. Killing a cow in Kerala and openly organization “the beef festival” to oppose the policies of Modi government and hurt the sentiments of Hindu religion, etc.
  7. Making the needless statements against PM Modi.

Recently, a Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam threatened Bollywood superstar Big B to stay away from the promotional activities of GST, which is scheduled to be implemented all across the country on 1st of July. It’s an interesting fact that GST is originally proposed by Congress itself. So Congress is opposing its own bill. The height of foolishness. I would way.

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