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#CongressKaKhooniKhel : Congress behind farmer protest yet again after Haryana Riot

A party that can justify sponsoring 1984 Sikh massacre ( Big Tree Falls ), can also instigate riots to regain power.

SP/BSP instigating riots in UP, Congress instigating MP People to kill each other – desperate times for losing Opposition.

Congress has declared its intent for future elections. Instigated riots, unrest, agitations. Let the nation be damned.

What farmer wears low waist jeans with undies showing? Congress is using drug cartels for violence.
These are not farmers. These are paid goons.

FB_IMG_1496855362873 IMG_20170607_224730 IMG_20170607_230502_502

Cong MP VP is asking people to destroy 40,000 litre milk in Sanchi Dairy.
See how young and poor these farmers from M.P are

Poor lady begging for help inside the bus and congress mob was Pelting stone on them the goon call themselves farmer.

























This guy claims as he is ‘ kisaan neta ‘. See the pics 2 and 3 he is a Congress supporter and not poor former. He is leading the violent protest in MP & his name is faizan Khan.

FB_IMG_1496833225274 FB_IMG_1496833227219 FB_IMG_1496833229410

MP Police investigation nails Congress funding & instigation of MP riots. Cong leaders absconding will be arrested.

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  1. गजब की राजनीति है।।।

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