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Controversial Muslim cleric Zakir Naik: An Islamic filth breeding new seeds of Global terrorism

There is no doubt that ISLAM is a religion of Genocide and in this modern world, where the followers of other religions are relinquishing their unpractical and old customs rapidly in order to accommodate themselves in accordance with news changes that are taking place almost every day, Muslim community is perhaps the only ethnic group which forcefully oppose any change in their religion ISLAM, not matter how good it is.

These days, an unattractive Muslim cleric Zakir Naik is hitting Media headlines in India and across the world primarily because of his “hate speech” and alleged role as a motivator in terrorist attacks conducted by the world’s most dangerous ISLAMIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION ISIS in Bangladesh will claim the life of at least 20 people including several foreigners.

ISLAMIC TERRORISM is a fact which is dismissed by most of the Muslims in one and another way. Whenever a Muslim terrorist attacks and kills many people in any place of the world, common and even highly educated people repeat the same old thesis: ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE AND THIS TERRORIST ATTACK HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM.  We have witnessed a sharp increase in ISLAMIC TERRORISM in different parts of the world at regular interval and the continuous repetition of the same old logic (in place of action from the MUSLIM community to make their people understand not to attack Non-Muslims) is making people irritated.

There are only a few Muslims such as Tarik fateh, Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie, etc, who are bold and courageous enough to condemn nonsense practices of ISLAM. Such people always ask for modification and change in Islamic rules and regulations to make it modern and accommodating for news changes if needed.

But, Zakir Naik is an idiot MUSLIM scholar who  uses Islam  as a tool to mint a lot of money in the name of helping poor and charity, service to ISLAM and Lecturing people, especially, NON -MUSLIMS about the benefits of joining ISLAM.  He claims that he knows ISLAM and Quran very well and he has sufficient knowledge of other religions also.

But, in fact, he generates endless venom, hatred and needless controversies whenever he opens up the filthy and dirty shutter of his clumsy mouth. Currently, Indian law enforcement agencies, NIA, RAW, police and IB are investigating his various speeches and looking for sources of funding to his NGOs and peace TV to find out evidence to prosecute him for “hate speech” and motivating terrorist activities across the world.   Currently, Indian Media, as well as world media is asking tough questions to him and to avoid all straightforward questions, he is staying in Saudi Arabia and not returning India as per his previously scheduled program. Today, he held a press conference with some Indian News channels via Video link and clarified that “he did not support terrorism in any way” and he doesn’t promote it.  After being fretful at tough and difficult questions asked by Indian Media persons, he criticized “media Trial” and threatened to file “criminal defamation case” against 10 leading News channels.

We will let you know the latest updates about him.

Have a look at some of his controversial teachings:

  1. Only ISLAM is a valid religion. There should be places of worship for Non-Muslims in Islamic countries.
  2. Every Muslim should be a terrorist,
  3. ISLAM is superior to all other religions,
  4. MUSLIMS have right to have sexual relations with their female slaves,
  5. Girls should be sent to schools for Education as they lose their virginity there. They should not be allowed to war ornaments,
  6. In the West, they are selling their daughters and mothers in the name of women’s liberation.
  7. Wife-beating in the Muslim world is not essentially a bad thing. The use of condom during sex is similar to killing a human being,
  8. Death by stoning or lapidation for having sex outside marriage is tolerable in accordance with Sharia law,
  9. Based on teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah, homosexuals should be killed,
  10. Suicide attacks advised by clerics are not bad. He refuses to denounce Osama bin Laden and claims that 9/11 was an inside job.
  11. Muslim should search for aid only from Allah and no one else, not even the Prophet – a belief which supports the Sunni view. Islamic State has used this fussy understanding to validate hostility against Sufis, Shias and Ahmadis.

A close observation:

Mumbai-based Islamic preacher and televangelist Zakir Naik has been in controversy for a long time mainly for the wrong reasons. This 51-year-old doctor turned preacher established the Islamic Research Foundation or IRF, which is located in Dongri, Mumbai and he also set up a television channel called peace TV in 2006 to propagate Islam and its teachings.

Nevertheless, his channel has been banned in India since 2012 for airing “anti-Indian” content. He is so controversial that several countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Malaysia have banned from preaching in the nation.  Even several Muslims also criticize his nonsense logic and explanations.  This time, this FILTHY MUSLIM PIG must be nabbed at all cost and should e punished for his promotion of terrorism around the world. Only then, we could be able to defeat the problem of Terrorism that has disturbed our peace and happiness.  


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