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Females Molested in Bangalore, High-Level Silence Maintained by Secular Gangs of India

Our dear readers,

                          We have entered in a brand New Year 2017, and it seems that there are some uncivilized Indians who don’t have basic manners as how to behave with females. As most of the Indian went to streets, famous locations, hotels, pubs, bars, and other places to celebrate the arrival of a new year and wish “A HAPPY NEW YEAR” to all.

It was reported in Indian Media that some sexually frustrated youths molested females and misbehaved with them violently when they gathered on the street to welcome the New Year. When those ruffians were misbehaving with females, there were several males, but they did not have enough courage to voice protest against the mass abusing of women in full public view.

As soon as the incident came to the knowledge of people, it created a wave of anger, commotion, and uproar against the inactiveness of Police, law enforcement agencies in Bangalore.  People rushed to different social media channels and criticized the unfortunate incident in the strongest possible words. A large section of Indian media too did not highlight the issue just because the unfortunate incident took place in Karnataka, ruled by the self-proclaimed secular party congress.

There was a time in India when Indian females were regarded as Laxmi (The Goddess of wealth, prosperity, and happiness). It was assumed that where there females are respected, there lives the God.

But, that valuable culture has vanished somewhere. Now, India has become a country where sex looking boys can attack any girl at any point of time, have the sexual relationship with her regardless of her consent or disapproval and if denied or confronted, they murder her.

Indian laws are ineffective to protect females against sexual assaults and punish the culprit. I live in DELHI, India’s capital, which is notorious for being “RAPE CAPITAL” in the country. Here rapes are quite normal with no police against it.

Nibhaya Rape case shows the incapability of the INDIAN JUDICIARY to punish the main culprit (apart from 4 other culprits) who raped and murdered a girl just because she confronted a rape attempt. Our so called Honorable judiciary released the MUSLIM accused of the crime on the pretext that HE WAS JUVENILE when he committed the crime. I want to ask a straightforward question to the Indian Judiciary: Can Minors rape and murders girls and can’t be punished just because they are below 18?

Coming to the present case, in place of acting against the culprits, the home minister of Karnataka made a controversial statement on this heinous crime. When criticized for his stupid stand, he immediately took a sharp U-Turn.


(Karnataka home minister’s (G Parameshwara ) remark on mass molestation- Such incidents do happen.)

Furthermore, a Muslim leader from Uttar Pradesh, Abu Azmi, lectured girls and compared them with “Honey”. He made several insulting comments against females, but no action taken against him so far. A lot of thanks go to eunuch Indian police, different law enforcement agencies, judiciary and responsible leaders who provide Muslim goons full freedom to talk nonsense and go unpunished.

See this Video to know controversial Muslim leader said: 

Our observation:

The Government of India and other state government must have a tough stand on lofar elements and punish them hard for crime against females. All those leaders who make insulting comments against females must be thrashed in full public view and put behind bars with rigorous punishment.

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