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Google Lands in Big Trouble; EU Imposes a Massive $2.7 Billion Fine

Google is a leading search engine of the world. Most of the tech-savvy people use Google to explore information, products and services and other desired things on the World Wide Web. So, Google has a monopoly how websites are created and optimized.  But, it seems that Google has started to misuse its dominant position in the search engine world to promote its products and demoralize its rivals in its SERP with a low ranking.

When you type any keyword in Google’s search bar, it displays the most relevant and authentic websites in its results to help you get the desired information easily and quickly. Most of the people believe that Google’s search results are much better than its rivals such as Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Ask.com, DuckDuckgo, Yandex, and others. But, you need to look at the other side as well.

Recently, European Union slapped a record $2.7 billion fine on Google accusing it of using its dominant position to unfairly promote the Google Shopping service at the expense of smaller price-comparison websites. The case was started in 2010 after complaints from other price-comparison websites that Google had relegated their services in its search results. 

Replying the allegation made against it, Google said: It is not a monopoly player in online shopping as Amazon and eBay are already good shopping portals for visitors and its shopping services are intended for making the internet shopping more competitive.

This decision is a big blow to Google as it is also fighting two other competition cases with the commission that could see it hit with heavy fines. It is likely that Google will appeal against this decision, which means the case will drag for several years. Let’s see how Google clarifies several cases filed against itself.

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