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qandeel-baloch killed her brother

High profile “Honor Killing” in Pakistan: Is Pakistani society decaying rapidly?

Pakistan is India’s Enemy Number 1 country which came into existence in 1947 following India’s division. Since when this Islamic country was created by Mohammad Ali Jinnah, it has been exporting terrorism to India and the rest of the world needlessly. Pakistan hits Media headlines for its export and support of Terrorism, acute poverty, illiteracy, crimes against women, high unemployment, frequent power cuts, old-fashioned ISLAMIC rules and regulations, clashes between Shiah and Sunni group of Muslims, systematic and well-planned crimes against religious minorities, power clashes between the Government of Pakistan and Pakistani Army, suicide bombings, bomb explosions, begging for financial aid from western nations to run the nation, etc. The entire world knows Pakistan as a manufacturer of dangerous and terrible terrorists. We hardly hear any positive news coming out from Pakistan.

This time, Pakistan is floating on the websites of international media outlets for the killing of a sexy and controversial Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch. As per media reports, Qandeel’s brothers Mohammad Aslam and Waseem Baloch killed her because both of them were unhappy with her rise as a sexy model as her controversial statements, semi-nude pictures, social media buzz was hurting the feelings of their brothers and as per them She was destroying the culture of Balooch people and was a disgrace for her family.

Qandeel’s brother was fed up with the comments made against her sister for her body exposing in video songs and social media websites. Some Pakistani social media users shamelessly expressed their pleasured on Twitter on her unfortunate killing.


So-called honour killing of Internet star Qandeel Baloch sparked a fierce debate in Pakistan about the dismal condition of Pakistani females. Once, an Islamic cleric issued a fatwa (religious order) that “the Existence of women is against ISLAM”. ISLAMIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION TALIBAN shot a teenage Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai just because she raised her voice for female education. But the surprising fact is that, the shooter was not punished by Pakistan’s third class judiciary.

Crimes against females are quite rampant in Pakistan. Females are killed for their relatives for refusing love proposals, choosing a life partner of their liking (love marriage), wearing modern clothes, using mobiles and social media websites. I had no words to condom the stupidity of foolish and brainless Pakistani clerics told Pakistani husbands to beat their wives to punish them.

Crimes against Minority Hindu community are also a routine of daily life where Muslim goons kidnap Hindu females and rape them in order to convert to Islam. Hindus face widespread discrimination in Pakistan and they have no access to good jobs, school, college, medical facilities compared with Pakistani Muslims.
The problem is that the old fashioned and outdated ISLAMIC culture of Pakistan which wants to keep women in Burka and when someone comes up and acts as a fashionable lady, speaks for the legitimate rights of females and talk of change, He/she is punished by fundamentalist elements of Pakistani establishments.
Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif has lots of time to make needless rhetoric and statements against India, but he has no time to eradicate this unending problem of Pakistani society.

In fact, Pakistan is a rotten mango which is decaying rapidly. We Indians also have controversial film celebrities, but we never think of killing them. The government of Pakistan and Pakistani society desperately needs to abandon its old-fashioned attitude and take immediate steps in order to abolish old craps and unpractical customs and make Pakistan a modern and democratic country where people can live peacefully and happily. The killers of Qandeel Baloch must be dealt with iron hand and be hanged till death to give a clear message to criminals that if they kill people unnecessarily in the name of “Honor killing”, they will be punished by the law. Rest in peace Qandeel Baloch.

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