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uc browser ban in India

India to Ban UC Browser if Allegations of Data breach & Privacy Violation Proved

New Delhi: In order to surf the global Internet, tech savvy people use different Internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Dolphin, Yandex, UC, and others. All these browsers have their pros and cons. Different people have different choices for browsers when they want to use the Internet. It is a notable fact that most of the tech companies that rock the search engine world, belong to the USA. But with Yandex(Russia) and Baidu(China), fight for gaining the maximum share of Internet search has become more interesting. Although Google still dominates the Internet search with 60.2% market share Worldwide.

UC is a popular chinese browser which is used Globally by millions of tech savvy people mainly because of its easily understandable features, smooth navigation, quick loading on PC and different mobile devices, etc. But, now this popular Internet browser has been accused of data stealing and privacy violation in India amid growing tension with china. Understanding the seriousness of the matter, the Government of India has ordered the launched of an investigation against the tech company. Several chinese mobile companies that are operating their businesses in India also got the similar notice from the Indian government. If allegations against the UC browser is proved right after the accomplishment of investigation, India may ban UC browser. If it happens then it will be a big blow to UC which aims to take on major Internet browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to increase its market share.

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