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India Gets its New President, A Great Jolt to Opposition Parties

As expected, Ramnath Kovind- BJP’s candidate for president post, has won the  president election. He defeated Mira Kumar, opposition nominee for president post, with a huge margin. On the other hand, BJP nominated it’s senior leader Vainkaiya Naidoo as its candidate for post of vice-president. It’s very interesting fact that India’s opposition parties have nominated a Muslim terrorist sympathizer for the vice-president post.

For the time being, India is under BJP’s grip. PM, President and vice-president-all are from BJP. Apart from this, BJP has formed strong government in several INDIAN states. The rapid success of BJP has frightened all opposition parties and all of them are trying to come up with an anti-BJP coalition just to kick BJP out of power in 2019 Loksabha Election.

Is Anti-Modi front possible?

From time-to-time, all opposition parties have voiced the urgent need of creating an anti-BJP coalition to give a tough fight to the BJP government. The problem is that different fractions of opposition parties have differences. For example-

  1. Congress has problems with AAP party,
  2. Mamata Banarjee has problems with left parties,
  3. All opposition leaders want the PM post to be reserved for popular leader from their own parties,
  4. Rahul Gandhi is not comfortable with Laloo Yadav,
  5. Samajwadi party has problems with Mayawati,

With so many differences, opposition is still trying to come up with an anti-BJP front.

Modi’s masterstroke-

By appointing a dalit on president post and nominated a south Indian leader for vice president post, PM Modi has played a masterstroke. It has shattered the oppression unity and made them helpless. I don’t think opposition will be able to give BJP a tough fight in 2019 if it doesn’t overcome its differences and have a clear manifesto. Only talking nonsense about BJP, PM Modi & RSS will not work. Jay Hind. Jay Bharat.

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