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Indian army soldiers arrive at the site of a gunbattle with suspected militants in Chadoora, on the outskirts of Srinagar

Indian Army kills 2 Muslim Terrorists in Kashmir, Local Muslim population creates disturbance in Anti-terrorism campaign

It’s a bad news for seculars and biased media workers who speak in favor of Muslim terrorists! After given free hand (by the government of India) to “search and kill” Pakistan sponsored Muslim terrorists and their local agents, Indian Army has been sending craps to their so called Zannat (heaven) one after another. There is sense of panic and horror among all those anti-nationals who support Islamic terrorism against India.


Once again, the mighty Indian army has killed two Muslim terrorists. The surprising fact is that when the Indian army was fighting with Muslim terrorists, local Muslim population gathered on the street following a call from mosque and clashed with Indian army to help Muslim terrorists flee away from the encounter spot and increase the casualties of Indian Army.


But, Indian army has become very clever and they somehow managed to kill the terrorists without facing any loss. Two “peaceful Muslims”, who were disturbing Indian Army, killed by bullet exchange between the Muslim terrorists and Indian Army.


If India really wants to crush Islamic terrorism in Kashmir and all across the country, it will have to take a few steps, which are detailed here below-

  1. Retaliate the “unprovoked firing” of Pakistan army with full force and maximize their damage each time. Capture the Pakistani post from where unprovoked firing in done frequently.
  2. Kill all Muslim terrorists with the maximum cruelty, cut their dead bodies into small pieces, and “give breakfast” to meat- eater animals on regular basis.
  3. All those Indian Muslims who support terrorism against India must be killed with bullet and their dead bodies should be dumped in gutter to be consumed by worms.
  4. All those”intellectual terrorists” who provide ideological support to Muslim terrorists must be held liable for their “anti-national” thoughts and killed mercilessly.
  5. Impose Military rule in Kashmir and cancel the Article 370 as soon as possible. If it happens Kashmir will become a normal province like any other state in India and there will be no Muslim hooliganism & Islamic terrorism.
  6. Disintegrate Pakistan into many pieces by providing economic and diplomatic support to freedom fighters in Baluchistan, Sindh, and Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

Conduct surgical strike secretly in Pakistan from-time-time and create a sense of insecurity among Pakistani youths (who join terror camps to become terrorists) that their life is not safe even in Pakistan if they tend to become terrorists. This will make it difficult for Pakistan to find “candidates” to wage Islamic war against India.

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