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Indian terrorist under the guise of Intellectuals: Right Time to punish them

Terrorism is a global problem and if I am not wrong, India is the biggest victim of Pakistan sponsored Terrorism in Asia. When Englishmen left India in 1947, they divided United India into two different nations- India and Pakistan. Since when Pakistan was created, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, said that Pakistan will be a secular country wherein people belonging to all religions can live peacefully. But, when Muhammad Ali Jinnah passed away, Pakistan was overtaken by Islamic fundamentalist and since then, it started to export terrorism to India and rest of the world.

When India’s partition was taking place, Millions of innocent people (Mostly Hindus and Sikhs) were killed mercilessly by the hands of Pakistani Muslims and most of them were forced to leave their belongings in Pakistan and flee India to save their life.

If you take a look at India history, you come to know that India has been suffering Islamic invasion continuously for last 800 years. Indian people suffered huge loss because of continuous Islamic invasion and ultimately we have to donate around 30% of our land to Muslims in 1947 to Muslims as Pakistan (a separate country for Muslims).In spite of this, Our Bapu(Father of the nation) Mahatma Gandhi requested Muslims to stay in India if they are unwilling to move Pakistan. This was a clear example of betrayal to the nation.

Even today, we face many problems in our country because of Muslim aggression and on top of that we have SIKULARISM policy according to which our secular political leaders always seem ready to ensure special privilege to Muslim population at the cost of people belonging to other religions. This policy has invited many problems in this country such as riots, kidnapping and raping of Hindu girls to convert them to ISLAM (as a part of Love Jihad), law and order problems, etc.  But different state governments and union administration is not realizing the dangerous level of the problem and still they are in denial mode that TERROSIM HAS NO RELIGION.

Entire Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part of India, but Pakistan has unlawfully occupied 55% of Jammu & Kashmir and repress 45 lakh Indian Muslims living in POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir).Muslims residing in POK are fed up with Pakistani oppressive regime  and wants to reunite with India anyhow.

We know that Pakistan proclaims its authority over the Entire Jammu & Kashmir and it has been exporting terrorism in India administered Jammu & Kashmir since 1947. A lot of innocent civilians, police officers, Army personals have been killed by Pakistani terrorist. 3 full- scale wars have been fought by Indian army against Pakistan to keep Jammu and Kashmir in India. In all those three wars, we have lost millions of our money, brave soldiers and policemen. If someone wants to experience how painful is to lose someone dear to you, you must meet the families of Army personals who scarified their life while fighting Pakistan sponsored terrorism.

India spends a lot of money and other resources to keep Jammu & Kashmir since in India. 7 lakh Indian Army personals toil hard every day 24*7 to keep our boarders safe from Pakistani infiltration and terrorism. But the problem here in India is that Muslims living in Jammu & Kashmir “want freedom from India” and be united with a terrorist country Pakistan. This strange mentality of Kashmiri Muslims leads them to hoist Pakistani flag in Jammu and Kashmir quite often, support Pakistan sponsored terrorism, pelt stones and bombs to Indian army and police, evolve in riots and damage public property.

Recently, Indian Army and Jammu & Kashmir police killed top Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani in an encounter. In place of praising Indian Army and police for assassinating a hardcore terrorist, local Muslims population gathered on the streets of the state and demonstrated their support “for a terrorist”. Thus, they supported Pakistan sponsored terrorism in the state.


See this interview how terrorist’s father supported Pakistani terrorism and asked for freedom from India:

On top of that Muslim hooligans attacked Army and police and damaged public property. Army and police had to shoot ruffians in order to maintain law and order which resulted into the death of 22 Muslim hooligans.

When a sensible person sees all these nonsense activities, he/she criticizes terrorism and its supporter and always speaks in favor of country and its brave Army. But, we have quite different situation here in India where famous leaders, Media celebrities, film stars, public figures openly speak in favor of terrorism  and they are not nabbed by the law enforcement agencies of the country.

In Indian media, there are many agents (under the guise of journalist) of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, whose duty is to promote Pakistan sponsored terrorism and justify the killing of Indian civilians by Pakistani terrorist.  Have a look at some of main twits of Pakistan loving Indian journalist who are portraying terrorist Burhan Wani as “freedom fighter” and abusing Indian Army with objectionable and insulting words:

Indian Journalist Rajdeep speaking the language of Pakistan:


English language Newspaper “The Indian Express” paying homage to a Terrorist:


Prasant Bhusan, a lawyer, also demonstrated the class and depth of his knowledge:


Kashmiri Muslims supporting A Terrorist: You will not believe your eyes:


Kawita krisnan, a third-class left leader, demonstrated her piece of knowledge too:


Doha-based Muslim Media channel Al Jazeera wrote an article in favor of killed terrorist:


And They HAD NO WORDS TO PRAISE the Indian Army that aims to the complete abolishment of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and India. Nice piece of journalism. That is why; Americans kicked them out of the USA:

This is the knowledge of Ummar Abdullah, Ex-CM of Jammu and Kashmir:

And this is the knowledge of India Today and AAJ TAK Editor, anchor and journalist Rahul Kanwal:


When common Indians look at these twits, they feel cheated and betrayed. All these so called educate and intellectuals receive their paycheck from Pakistan’s Intelligence agency ISI to make favorable coverage in favor of Pakistani terrorism and terrorist. This is the lowest level of journalism and morals I have even witnessed.

As India is the biggest victim of terrorism, it is the right time for the government of India to launch a nationwide crackdown against all those so called intellectuals who support terrorist and terrorism directly or indirectly and put them behind bars with no parole.

These people must be put under the category of terrorist and should be dealt with iron hand. India doesn’t need such people anymore. It’s the high time for GOI to take stern action against all these anti-national elements before it’s too late. Jay hind.


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