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Is the World Heading Towards World War 3?

Dear Readers, The relation between Russia and West is strained and tensed and it seems that they can go for a full scale military confrontation anytime soon. Both Russia and America are confronting each other in Syria in the name of fighting Islamic terrorism and both are trying to show off their military strength. What is the main reason behind the wronging of these two nations? Let’s find out.

Why it seems that WW3 is about to start?

Now, it a crystal clear fact that America and its western allies are conducting Ariel raids in Syria not against ISIS or other Islamic terrorist organizations, but they are providing Ariel support to terrorist organizations so that they can defeat the Army of Syria and president Assad could be removed from power. But, because of successful air strikes by Russian Air force and active support from Iran, Syrian Army is defeating terrorists (supported by America and western countries) successfully. As America is determined for regime Change in Syria with the use of ISLAMIC TERRORISTS and coalition force, and Russians are foiling it successfully, frustration and anger is growing rapidly among America led coalition. In great frustration, America warned Russia about the Genocide of Russian soldiers and it also said that it may allow Middle East countries to supply arms to MUSLIM terrorists so that they can attack Russian cities. This warning invited sharp and strong response from Russia immediately. President Putin urged all senior Russian diplomats and officials to stay vigilant and urge them to return Russia along with their family members. He also deployed Russia’s fetal weapon S-300 & S 400 in Syria after America’s threat of full scale war. In fact, American Air force is acting like a terrorist and a few days ago, it slaughtered more than 100 soldiers of Syrian Army and injured around 200 others.

The Stupid Concept of No Fly Zone in Syria:

America and its satellite countries want to create No fly Zone in Syria so that Russia could not launch Ariel raids against Islamic terrorists supported by Americans. It’s a stupid concept and is impossible to implement because to create No fly zone in Syria, Americans will have to fight Russians, Syrians and Iranians who are actively supporting Assad Government in its fight against ISLAMIC TERRORISM and recapture the whole territory of Syria from ISIS, a Muslim terrorist organization supported and developed by America. France, America’s tame dog, presented a resolution in the Security Council to create No fly Zone in Syria, but Russia made this proposal “Null & Void” using its veto power. This increased tension in Russia and France relationship and as a result president Putin cancelled his upcoming trip to France when he came to know that French president Hollande is unwilling to welcome him and his trip schedule has been changed.

Chances of a full scale War between Russia and America:

As we already know that both America and Russia- are powerful countries of the world and both of them are aware of the capabilities of each other. A full scale military confrontation between Russia and America will be commencement for total destruction of the entire world because both these two countries have a huge stock pile of atomic weapons which can destroy the entire world completely many times.

On the other hand, because of several problems, both America and Russia would not like to start a new war. The USA’s national Debt in heading toward $20 trillion, 60 million Americans live on food stamps. Its infrastructure is forfeited. Its population more and more hates the country’s political establishment. Furthermore, American Army is already involved in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Ukraine and elsewhere. The USA is busy in Elections.

There are stupid politicians who apply double standards in their day to day affairs. The foreign minister of the UK has asked common people in London to protest against Russians before Russian Embassy. He also called for new economic sanctions to be imposed against Russia. He said he will make Russia a Pariah state. The most laughable matter is that the USA accused Russia of barbarism, but forget to tell what it did in Syria and elsewhere? It’s a height of double standards.

Our observation:

We believe that both USA and Russia must stop displaying their military strength in Syria and work tighter to defeat Islamic terrorism as soon as possible.

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