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Islamic Terrorism hits Spain & Germany hard, 13 people killed, several injured

Berlin and Barcelona: It seems that European countries are paying a heavy price for their open door policy in which they rehabilitate migrants from mainly Muslim countries in the name of human welfare, humanity, and secularism.


In a shocking incident, Muslim terrorists of ISIS organization attacked 2 times in Spain and killed at least 13 people. Several people injured seriously in this terrorist attack. In response to Islamic terrorism, Spanish police took swift action and send 5 jihadi Elements to their heaven. So far, 4 people have been arrested in connection with the incident.


In a separate incident, A Muslim terrorist in Germany killed one person with the knife attack and injured others. German police killed the attacker instantly.


Our view: Just like we have secular leaders in India, European countries are full of brainless, hallow-minded & secular politicians who ignore Muslim hooliganism and terrorism just to follow the policy of Secularism. To add fuel to the fire, they accept Muslim migrants from different countries without checking their background. As a result, several terrorists have arrived in different European countries and they have started to show their true color. The problem with Muslims is that they still dream of eliminating all other religions of the world and bring the entire world under the murderous cult of Islam which they call a peaceful religion

It’s the right time for Europe to leave its foolishness and launch a crackdown on Muslim hooliganism and terrorism.

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