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Israel furious with Al-Jazeera’s biased coverage, threatens to block it in the country

Al-Jazeera, which is notorious for justifying Islamic terrorism and speaking in favour of Muslim terrorists, has landed in a trouble once again. This time it has annoyed Israel with its biased reporting.

Israel is a small country which is surrounded by hostile Muslim countries. All of its neighboring countries want to erase it from the world map. But, Israel has defeated all of its neighboring Muslim countries in wars.

Just like India, Israel is the biggest victim of Islamic Terrorism. Every day, Philistine Muslims attack Israeli citizens with cars, bombs and knives and cause damage. When Israel retaliates with full force, they play the victim card and talk nonsense.

In this series, a group of Philistine Muslim terrorists attacked Israeli security personals and killed 2 of them. They also attacked a Israeli family, killed it’s 3 members and injured several others.

After terrorist attacks, Israel blocked Muslim’s access to Al-Aqsa mosque and installed metal detectors to trace suicide bombers.

This provoked Muslims to organize large scale protest against Israel. Israeli PM accuses Al-Jazeera of inciting anti-Israel protest and biased coverage & vowed to kick the channel out of the country. Replying the accusations made against itself, Al-Jazeera has called the statement of Israeli PM as an attack on media freedom.


In past, Israel has punished biased media organizations like BBC and CNN for their anti-Israel rhetoric. Always keep in mind that Israel doesn’t make any compromise with its security. Let’s see what happens with Al-Jazeera this time. It is a notable face that Al-Jazeera was forced to close its operation in America because of collective boycott by American audience. 

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