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India Kashmir Protests-attack on army

Jihadis thrash Indian soldiers, Sparks sharp reactions from Nationalist Indians

Muslim Hooliganism in India has now crossed its limit. If a video (which went viral on social media) is to be believed, Muslim youths were shown beating CRPF Jawans when they were on election duty.

This video spread quickly like a fire on different social media channels. Common Indians and some celebrities expressed their displeasure on this Anti-national activity.

Gautam Gambhir, a cricketer from Delhi wrote on Twitter:

But, as usual, contractors of Muslim voters, intolerance brigade, self-proclaimed seculars and a large section of mainstream Indian media did not think it necessary to speak out against this anti-national activity. They all maintained high-level silence as if nothing happened. On top of that, Sagarika Ghose, the wife of Congressi journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, asked demanded police action against Gautam Gambhir. Look at her tweet:


Due to the angry reaction from social media users and common Indians, the central government in New Delhi became hyperactive and ordered a probe into the incident. As a result, FIR registered against the Muslim hooligans and some of them have been arrested also.

Omar Abdullah, the former CM of Jammu and Kashmir & a pro-Pakistan leader, expressed their displeasure when Indian army taught a lesson to stone throwers, but he did not open the shutter of his mouth when Muslim hooligans attacked Indian army soldiers. Look at his statement:


It is not the first incident when Muslims living in Jammu and Kashmir has attacked Indian security forces. Muslims living in Kashmir want to separate Kashmir from India and merge it with a terrorist country Pakistan. It is a surprising fact that Muslims living in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Sindh & Baluchistan want freedom from the tyrant regime of Pakistani army that uses them as a resource to export terrorism to India and rest of the world. So, the question is: Why Indian Muslims want to join Pakistan when Pakistani Muslims want freedom from Pakistan? It’s height of foolishness.

I would live to mention some points that government of India must implement to maintain peace in and harmony:

  1. The government of India must stop bowing down to self-proclaimed seculars and give Indian army free hand to deal Muslim Hooligans with an iron hand.
  2. Any Muslim, who throw stones on Indian security forces, create disturbance in Anti-terrorist operations and abuse Indian army, must be treated like the terrorist and shot down.
  3. Any political leader, journalist, so-called intellectuals, who support terrorist activities or promote anti-India activities in any way, must be declared anti-nationals and kicked out of the country or put behind bars or hanged till death. Only then Anti-nationals will tone down their filthy voices.
  4. The government of India must break its diplomatic relations with Pakistan and bring Indian Ambassador back. There is no meaning of keeping a meaningless relation with an ISLAMIC TERRORIST COUNTRY.
  5. India must declare Pakistan as a terrorist country and stop Pakistani people’s entry to India. The government of India must break its relationship with China (a country which supports Islamic terrorism against India) and slap strict economic sanctions. Indian sanction will give the blow to china’s export based economy and force it not to interfere in India’s internal affair.
  6. PM Modi, as a prime minister of India, should come up with a uniform PAKISTAN POLICY as how to deal with Pakistan’s nonsense activities. There should not be any uncertainty in India’s policy towards Pakistan.

Jay hind. Jay Bharat.

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