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kabul blast

Kabul Blast: Massive Bomb hidden in a Sewage Tanker kills 90 and injures 400

“Massive suicide truck bomb blast has rocked the diplomatic quarter of Kabul in foreign embassies houses today. In this blast At least 90 are dead and 400 more were injured in the explosion, according to Afghan health ministry officials. The explosion happened in rush hour close to the British, German, French and US embassies in the Afghan capital. BBC Afghan driver Mohammed Nazir has been killed and four BBC journalists were injured in the atrocity. No group has claimed responsibility but Taliban and ISIS have staged large-scale attacks in Kabul in the past.”

Muslim’s Ramadan has started. For one month, Muslims who can endure hunger and are physically fit, keep fasting in order to wash their sins off and pray to the Muslim God Allah. After one month, they breakfasting and celebrate EID. They claim to distribute food and clothes to the needy people and project themselves as a good human being. Well, all these things sound pleasing, but we want to open up the cover of Secularism from your eyes and take you to the world of bitter reality.

Many Muslims accuse me of being an anti-Muslim person, but they don’t seem ready to answer my straightforward questions.

As Ramadan started, Muslims have intensified their business of killing Muslims and Non-Muslims in the name of jihad. See some examples-

  1. Muslims terrorists kill 29 Christians in Egypt; ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.
  2. The bloodbath in Afghanistan.
  3. Increased terrorist activities of Muslims in Kashmir.

So, we appeal all Non-Muslim citizens to stay vigilant while dealing with Muslims during the period of Ramadan and report to the local police if they try to create unrest.

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