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Lame Duck Obama

The title of the article is a little bit strange for many people as why I used these unparliamentary words. Well, it’s not my tone. It’s the official stand of the Russian government, headed by President Putin.

As President Obama is to leave office on 17 January 2017, he planted a bomb behind the chairs of the upcoming President Donald Trump.
President Obama accused Russia of conducting hacking attempts on Clinton’s Email and said that Hillary Clinton lost Presidential Election to Donald Trump because of Russia’s interference in USA Election. But he did not give any proof to support his claim.
Showing immaturity, he ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and closure of hotels where Russian diplomats used to stay and organize parties. He also announced new sanctions against Russia
It was feared that Russia would also retaliate the action, but President Putin refused to go such a low level and expressed that he will work well with the new president to improve the bilateral relationship between Russia & America. President Putin won the heart of ordinary Russians with his prudent foreign policy.
We hope that the relationship between two superpowers will get improved when Donald Trump and President Putin take concrete efforts.

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