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Mamta creates needless uproar in West Bengal, flees Holland during crisis time

Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, is notorious for her Muslim appeasement policy, large-scale corruption, providing hidden support to drug mafia in the West Bengal, Anti-Modi rhetoric, and anti-national Hindu policies. Recently, she appointed a controversial and jihadi-minded Muslim as the head of a prestigious Hindu Temple in West Bengal.


Mamata Banerjee keeps making nonsense decisions that have led the West Bengal on the verge of total collapse. In my personal opinion, West Bengal is second Bihar of Eastern India.


Recently, she issued a circular and gave orders to make the teaching of Bengali language mandatory up to class 10 across the West Bengal. This sparked sharp and rapid criticism from Darjiling area where Nepali citizens are in Majority.


Nepali citizens are opposing this verdict for many days. There are reports of violence from the state. Several people have been killed and government properties are being damaged.


But Mamta is currently on a tour to Holland in place of solving the crisis in her own state.


Only God knows the Well-being of such an unfortunate state. Jay Hind! Jay Bharat.

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