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Minority Appeasement problem in India

India is a big country with lots of diversities.  In this big country, people belonging to different religions such as Hindu, Islam, Christian, Buddha, Jain, Jews, etc live peacefully since long time. This nation is so diverse that it has several languages, customs and civilizations. Although, there are many problems in this country, but the problem of minority appeasement is the worse one which is decaying the basic fabric of the nation little by little. What exactly is minority appeasement and what are its adverse effects on the nation? Let’s know.

According to Indian constitution, India is a secular country wherein all Indian citizens have equal rights regardless of their cast and creed.  Officially, the republic of India has no state religion. All citizens of India have right to go anywhere in the country and live anywhere as per their convenience.    That is why, India is said to be the best place to live in for all people from all religions. But, the ground situation is quite different and horrible.

The word “secularism” means all religions are equal in the eyes of the government of a particular nation and that country has no especial liking for any “specific religion”.  But In India, secularism has become a curse and it is challenging India’s security at a large level.

If you go through the ancient history of India, you will come to know that India’s neighboring countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Afghanistan were part of united India.  In primate age, India was a rich and powerful country and was rightly referred as “the Golden bird”.  It is the rule of nature that one who goes high in the sky, he/she starts dropping towards the earth after a certain period of time.

Continuous wars among different Hindu Kings, differences  among Hindu kings because of several issues, lots of wealth, prosperity, huge profit in trade in with India- All these provoked different rulers in other parts of the world to move towards India and loot its wealth and land. As there was no central power in country (like we have today) that could keep the whole nation united and strong, India was ruled by a number of kings and monarchs.

Several foreign rulers attacked India continuously many times and looted a lot of wealth and took all of them back to their home countries. As a result of a serious of continuous invasion, India’s prosperity began to vanish at a fast speed. Millions of people got killed in several wars and the country spilt into many pieces.  Because of our disunity, we were ruled by Several Muslim rulers in past and Even English men ruled us for more than 200 years.  By looting India’s resources and wealth, Englishmen made their country- England-rich and powerful.

It is a notable that all Muslim rulers invaded India and they settle in the country later on. They helped millions of Muslims from their own country to settle in different parts of India in a bid to make India an Islamic country.  Only a few people know that Muslim rulers in ancient India forced millions of Hindus to accept Islam and killed all those who refused to do so. Our secular authors cleverly whitewashed all these facts from our History books which are being exposed these days thanks to the extensive use of social media.

If you think about this problem in present perspective, the situation is quite dire and it seems that our Nation is badly suffering from the virus of “pseudo- secularism”. It is true that both Hindu and Muslims fought bravely and scarified their life to snatch freedom from the UK. Because of various reasons and blunders made by so called Mahatma Gandhi, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and India’s First Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, India was divided into two different nations- India and Pakistan in 1947.  Pakistan was given 30% of India’s total land and resources as a result of division and it was declared that there will be no displacement of population despite the division of the nation.

But, as creation of Pakistan was based on Muslim’s hatred towards Hindus, Pakistani hardliner elements (soon after independence) asked Pakistani Hindus and Sikh people either to accept Islam or to leave the country at once.  Million of Hindus and sikh people were slaughtered like animals and several others have to flee Pakistan and take shelter in India in order to save their life.

Being a Non-Hindu in a hardliner Islamic country like Pakistan is not less than punishment. Muslims in Pakistan force Hindus and Sikh people to accept Islam. They use to kidnap their females and rape them continuously so that they can accept Islam. All those who refuse to do so are killed brutally by heartless Pakistani Muslims. At the time of independence, there was 42% of Hindu population in Pakistan which is now reduced to just 8%. Where were this large chunk of population vanished? The simple answer is – forceful conversion of Hindus into Islam.

Although, Minority Appeasement is a worldwide problem, bit its extent is India is very high.  According to definition of secularism: the so-called champions and contractors of secularism have to speak in favor of Muslims each and every time no matter their stand is right or wrong. In India, Congress, AAP, JD(U), RJD and other regional parties are the main crusaders of secularism  and as Muslims vote in bulk for these so called secular parties, the leaders of all these parties do everything possible to insult Hindu culture and civilization just to please Muslims and come in power with the help of their bulk voting.

According to Indian Muslim voters- BJP and RSS is communal and congress  and other regional parties are secular in spite of the fact that so called secular leaders do nothing for the welfare of common Muslims.  Even today, Muslims across the country are highly uneducated and as a result of no access to education and technology.  Most of the Muslims are employed with low paying jobs such as meat cutting shop, barber, vegetable vendor, carpenter, garbage collector, security guards, hawker, etc. Only a few Muslims are employed with IT firms, MNCs (Multinational companies), Defense, government jobs, High paying private jobs etc.

We common Indians are paying heavy price for our leader’s secularism. We are witnessing a sharp rise in crime against Hindus in All parts of India. Back in 1990, Muslims in Jammu & Kashmir kicked out Kashmiri Pundits from the state and they are still living a painful life in different parts of India. It is said that Muslims raped and killed millions of female Kashmiri pundits in order to create an environment of fear and panic. But, because of secularism, no political parties tried to stop this nonsense and the culprits of that heinous crime are still at large and the big hands of Indian law enforcement agencies are not able to nab them and punish.

Muslim community, by nature, is aggressive and that is why; Mahatma Gandhi once called them “ruffian” and Hindus “coward. Several illiterate Muslims believe that they can bring the entire world under the “shadow of Islam” one day and that is why, they don’t follow family planning. As a result, every Muslim couple tries to give birth to more and more kids with an intention to increase their population in the area or country they live in.

Once they become majority in a particular area, they forcefully ask Non-Muslim community either to accept Islam or to vacate the area as soon as possible. This leads to violent clash between Hindus and Muslims.  Our country has a fertile history of Hindu Muslim riots thanks to the practice of secularism by our greedy and selfish leaders.

You might have heard about Love JIHAD. It’s an evil practice applied by Muslim youths to misguide Hindu Girls and somehow force them to accept Islam and produce more and more kids like animals. Several cases of Love JIHAD have surfaced from different parts of the country and the process in continuing in spite of several steps of Hindus organizations to create awareness about it.

And top of all this, India is home to around 8 crore illegal Bangladeshi Muslims who have been living in India for employment and they keep creating law and order problems for different statement governments in the country.  Thanks go to the secularism practiced by congressi leaders.

In order to solve this problem, We Hindus will have to unite and confront the steps of communal forces to make India an Islamic country. Only then, we will be able to save our nation and preserve our Great civilization for good.

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