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Modi Govt kicks lazy Government Employees, asked them to leave the Job

India PM Modi is famous for his growth oriented politics & strict discipline. All those who are careless in their duties, are not liked by the PM MODI.

In India, public sector employees draw their salaries on  time, but they don’t show any kind of commitment toward s their job as done sincerely by the private sector employees.
PM Modi has now started to act against such lazy officers whose performance is below the expected level.
As per the report we have, the central government has asked 129 government employees to resign from their job because of their dismal performance.
If this happens, this will force the Government employees to change their attitude and be serious about their duties. A well appreciated move.


  1. This is a good move. All public sectors employees and officers are well below the credibility of the private sectors in India. They are the jamai of India and Mr Nehru created this senario just after creating all the public sectors. The officers have no credibility only to pass the time and enjoying their life.

  2. Tarun Kumar Talukdar

    It a superb action. Fm my birth I have seen govt.employees how they work. I was also govt.employees but before five yrs I left d job. They r good for nothing. Given problem ppls not doing their job without bribe.

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