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NDTV Ban for one day

Modi Govt shuts down NDTV for 1 Day for Leaking Sensitive Information to Pakstani Terrorists

Our Dear Readers, once again NDTV India is in News for bad reason-Disclosing Sensitive defense related data to Muslim terrorists of Pakistan during Pathankot attack earlier this year in which 7 brave soldiers of Indian Army lost their life while combating Muslim terrorists of Pakistan. As per the findings of the investigation comitee, set up by the Information & Broadcasting Ministry of the Government of India, NDTV India violated the the broadcasting rules and regulations by airing sensitive Information about Phathankot Airbase which helped Pakistan based terrorists to receive the latest updates about the deployment of Indian Army personals and arms using which they planned strategies to maximize the damage on Indian side.

It is not the 1st controversy in which NDTV’s active involvement in anti-India activities has been proved. As a matter of Fact, this News channel is-

  1. Anti- Hindu,
  2. Anti-India,
  3. Anti-BJP,
  4. Anti-RSS,
  5. Anti-Indian culture.

Congressi Propaganda bullhorn which aims to-

  1. Defame India, Hindus, Hindu culture, civilization, BJP, RSS and other Hindu organizations with biased and false reporting,
  2. Spread the ideology and agenda of India’s most corrupt and 3rd class political party-Congress and other self proclaimed secular parties which are involved in several unlawful activities such as Minority appeasement, promotion of casteism, hatred among different religious communities, inviting Bangladeshi Muslims to become Indian citizens, etc.

Note- Congress helped around 8 crores Bangladeshi Muslims to settle in India illegally and become Indian citizens only to stay in power in Assam with the help of bulk voting of Muslims in its favor. We must ask congress as How many Indian Hindus helped by it to resettle In Bangladesh?

  1. Collecting India’s Sensitive Information related to Defense, Aviation, Deployment of Indian secuity forces to the different parts of the country, high profile secrets the Government of India and give it to Pakistani Intelligence Agency- ISI and Raw, using which they make plans to attack India and cuse the maximum Damage to the Indian side. NDTV INDIA journalist Burkha Dutt (http://www.modirunindia.com/controversial-journalist-barkha-dutt-fair-journalist-or-intellectual-terrorists/), Who loves Islamic terrorism, showers her profound love to Muslim stone pelters of Kashmir, spreads the political agenda of self proclaimed Secular leaders of India, acts as a Middleman in 2G scam proudly done by self-proclaimed Honest Congressi leaders, is actually is a spy( For ISI-A Pakistani terrorist organization) under the guise of journalist.
  2. This channel is involved in large scale financial misappropriation and is facing the serious allegation of money laundering- a punishable financial crime,
  3. This Congressi propaganda channel says nothing on the hooliganism of Hardliner and brainless Muslims, but take active steps to declare Indian Hindus as communal, intolerant and Aggressor just because they take steps to defend their religion against Muslim’s Love Jihad(Aimed at alluring Hindu Girls towards the fake love of Muslim Boys and later rape them to convert them to ISLAM-the Religion of Genocide in its 1400 years journey), ISLAMIC TERRORISM, killing of cows-A pious Animal for Hindus, etc. As per the propaganda theory of NDTV INDIA– Any Hindu who practices his/her religion or speaks for the welfare of Hindu    religion & community is communal and Aggressor and All Those hallow-minded & donkey Muslims who-
  4. Involved in ISLAMIC TERRORISM,
  5. Anti-National Activities,
  6. Anti- Hindu Activities,
  7. Riots,
  8. Stone Pelting activities on Indian Army in Kashmir,
  9. Giving Anti- Hindu Statements and hurting the Sentiments of Hindu- are INNOCENT AND SECULARS.

Important point to Note:

Indians Muslims Go Saudi Arabia to Perform Haj on the expenses of Tax-payer’s hard-earned Money. Thanks to the MUSLIM APPEASEMENT POLICY of Congressi governments. Even in Islamic countries- there is no provision of Special financial allocation for Muslims to help them perform Haj. According to ISLAM: One who is financially strong and has a thought in mind could go for Haj. Taking money from others and performing Haj is HARAM (unlawful) in the Eyes of Allah (MUSLIM GOD). The Supreme court of India ordered then UPA government to eliminate HAJ subsidy back in 2012 but it is still in practice and Indian Muslims are enjoining it. NDTV INDIA Will not tell you the real truth of Congress.

Because of the biased Coverage, NDTV INDIA never ranks first among Indian NEWS CHANNELS in terms of TRP. The so called Journalist of this propaganda channel-

  1. Misbehave with the Guest they invite for discussion,
  2. Blacks their Channel’s screen in favor of so called students who are facing the serious charges of Sedition and declare them as saint, that too before the judgement of the Honorable DELHI HIGH COURT which is hearing this case.

That is why, Millions of True Indians have expressed their anger and frustration against this anti-national Congressi propaganda channel and asked for its closure many times.

Social Media users keep showing this third class News Channel with profound abuses for its biased coverage. Taking note of the anti-national activities of NDTV INDIA, the Information & Broadcasting Ministry has asked this channel to go offline on 9th November, 2016.

As soon as the Government of India took this decision, Secular and NDTV itself term the Government’s move as an attempt to crush the “Freedom of the Independent Press”and declared it as the commencement of Emergency period.

Even the retired Supreme court advocate Justice Katju, who is notorious for making wild comments unnecessarily at regular intervals to stay in media limelight and create needless controversies, extended his unconditional support to NDTV INDIA and criticized Modi Government’s decision to punish NDTV INDIA. But, these secular did not open the shutter of their mouth when Congress led UPA government banned approx 20 channels for breaching violating broadcasting in its 10 year’s rule.

There are some Anti India & biased Media organizations who ignored the crime of NDTV India and they are supporting the channel in shameful way.

Our stand:

We are also an online media organisation, with a sole aim to provide in-depth, true, unbiased reports to all our readers. When we are rewarded with the “Freedom of Expression” right, we have to show the highest level of responsibility in our actions also. A third Class Media organization like NDTV INDIA can’t claim its right to work as a News Chanel if it

  1. is involved in Anti-national activities,
  2. Defames India nationally and Internationally with its biased and misleading News Contents,
  3. Defames Hindus, BJP, PM Modi, RSS and other Hindu Organizations unnecessarily,
  4. Collects the Sensitive information of India and gives it to an ISLAMIC TERRORIST COUNTRY PAKISTAN- which aims to destroy India at all costs,
  5. Hides the terrorist activities of Muslims at all the times and doesn’t report it,
  6. Involves in Punishable Financial crimes such as late disclosure of Taxes and Money laundering,
  7. Its journalist does DALALI in scams and support Terrorist and Anti-national activities.

We, as an independent Media organization, fully support the Government of India’s move to ban NDTV INDIA for one Day. This 3rd class Congressi channel has violated the basic principals of journalism and acted as a congressi propaganda bullhorn rather than doing unbiased, true and investigative journalism. We demand MODI Government to keep a close eye on the reporting of this anti-national channel and shut it down forever if it fails to admit their serious mistake of doing biased, anti India, Anti-Hindu, Anti BJP and Anti RSS journalism with no attachment of solid evidence.


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