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Muslim channel Al Jazeera comes in favor of NDTV India after CBI Raid

Recently, CBI raided the houses of the promoter and owner of NDTV India in connection with fraudulent financial activities. We all saw how the so called journalists, corrupt and self-proclaimed secular leaders, brainless Muslims, pseudo-intellectuals, all unanimously criticized the CBI raid on NDTV India promoter house and termed the incident as a direct attack on the freedom of media and said that the Modi government is taking revenge from the NDTV for criticising the BJP government.


In my personal opinion, NDTV is an anti-Hindu, Anti-BJP, Anti-India propaganda bullhorn which gets financial remuneration from the India’s most corrupt party congress, Pakistan, ISI, Muslim countries and foreign NGO to defame India, the Hindu Community, BJP and RSS with vile media campaigns. We all know that NDTV promoters are involved in financial misappropriation.


After CBI raid, NDTV is getting support from its foreign stakeholders. Several Pakistani journalists have offered their support to NDTV unconditionally.


Even a Muslim news channel Al Jazeera, which is infamous for its biased coverage,  has now come in favor of NDTV. This is shocking.


Last year, journalist Arnab Goswami blasted former NDTV journalist Burkha Dutt for her Anti-India journalism.

Let’s see what’s happens with NDTV.

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