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Muslim Hooliganism goes rampant across India, High level silence maintained by Mainstream Indian Media

During last a couple of weeks, we have observed various incidents taking place in different parts of India. We have one unfortunate development that is not covered by mainstream Indian media organizations- MUSLIM HOOLIGANISM. Have a look at some news headlines which manifest that Muslims always play with fire, ignite needless troubles and cry foul when they are responded in the same way.

  1. Pro-Muslim Mamta Government tries to ban Raam Nawmi celebrations in West Bengal, get thrashed by Kolkata High Court.
  2. Muslims pelt stone on Indian army in Kashmir organized and funded by Pakistan and its Muslim agents in India. Ex- CM of Jammu and Kashmir Farooq Abdullah supported Muslim hooligans shamelessly.
  3. Muslims clashed with Hindu population in different Indian states such as Bihar, Rajasthan, Orissa, UP and tried to disturb Ram Nawmi march.
  4. Ajmer shrine deewan (religious pundit) dismissed from his post and declared as “Non-Muslim” by his own brother over beef ban support.
  5. A Muslim Hooligan involved in Love Jihad in Jharkhand, thrashed by the public, died in Hospital.
  6. Mamta government arrested BJP leader for celebrating Ram Nawmi festival.
  7. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) wants to continue Triple Talaq (divorce), threatens Indian Supreme court not to interfere in Muslim’s affair.
  8. Imam of Tipu Mosque asks Mamata to ‘ban RSS’ in Bengal.

Do you find anything positive in these news headlines? No, not at all. Then, the question arises why Muslims oppose Good moves and create nonsense at all the times?

Muslims are creating nonsense not only in India but across the World also. Recent terrorist attacks in Moscow, London, and Stockholm by Muslims shows their war against the Non-Muslim World is on.

As usual, mainstream Indian media did not think it necessary to report about Muslim hooliganism with high priority.

So, it’s time for all Non-Muslim countries to join their hands and give the best fitting reply to the Muslims by restricting their nonsense activities by force. Even in India, central and different state governments need to crush nonsense Muslims with an iron hand.

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  1. Yes ,Muslims need to be contained no doubt. At the same time ,do not encourage any other religious fanaticism !

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