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Muslim Hooliganism goes rampant in India & across the world, major cases

As a common citizen of India, on several occasions, I have observed that mainstream media organizations don’t report about the incidents in which Muslims are culprits. Even if they report, the intensity of reporting is quite low. Whenever mainstream media organizations come to know that Muslims are criminals in a particular case, they don’t cover the news and try their level best to divert the people’s attention with misleading coverage.


As an alternative media organization, we explore the untold or hidden news and put that in public domain with solid evidence. No fake reporting like biased media organizations.

Our news team was keeping a close eye on criminal activities done by Muslims. We have collected some major cases of Muslim Hooliganism that happened in India and around the world. Let’s have a look at them.


Case 1

New Delhi

Muslim Auto driver rapes minor school going girl many times, victim gives birth to premature baby in school Bathroom.

In a shocking incident, a class 10th schoolgirl gave birth to a premature baby in school Bathroom. This incident shocked the school administration, girl’s parents, and Delhi police. On the basis of girl’s statement, a 51 year old Muslim Auto driver Abdul Gaffar has been arrested and charged with raping the minor girl many times.


Case 2


Indian cricketers Mohammed Shami and Irfan Pathan trolled heavily on social media by brainless Muslims for celebrating daughter’s birthday & sharing wife’s picture.

Both Irfan Pathan and Mohammed Shami-popular INDIAN cricketers, were criticized unnecessarily on Twitter and Facebook by brainless Muslims when they shared shared photos with public.


Foolish Muslims trolled Irfan Pathan for sharing his wife’s picture. They suggested the cricketer to keep his wife under burqa{Muslim religious dress for females}.


On the other hand, Muhammed Shami was trolled by mindless Muslims just because he celebrated his daughter’s birthday and shared the picture on social media.

Both these two crickets gave no value to professional trollers. Appreciable.

See this video-

Case 3


Controversial Muslim leader sporks anguish on social media by making nonsense remark.

Azam khan, a controversial Muslim leader of a pro-Muslim party Samajwadi dal, sparked a fresh controversy by saying that Muslims stayed in India on the appeal of Mahatma Gandhi. Never thought Muslims will have such a low status in India.

We believe that India is the perhaps the best country for Muslims to live in. They enjoy all basic rights despite getting involved in anti-national activities. If Azam khan wants to migrate in Pakistan, who stops him to do so. He needs to take action, not to issue meaningless statements.


Case 4

New Delhi

Three Muslim Hooligans abducted and raped a Hindu Girl. The girl becomes pregnant. All 3 accused arrested by Delhi police following a FIR registered by the Girl’s father. Get more information about the case by visiting this news link.


Case 5

New Delhi

Minor Hindu boy brutally murdered in Delhi, victim’s mother accused his Muslim friends for the heinous crime. A minor boy was butchered by his Muslim friends just for Rs 10000 extortion money. Criminals dump his dead body on New Delhi Railway station track.The postmortem report reveals several injury marks on his head and other parts of body. Criminals are still at large. Biased media organizations are tight-lipped. Secularism drama is in full flow.


Case 6


A anti-national Muslim, working for pakistani intelligence agency{ISI} and Islamic terrorist organization Lashkar-E-Taiba, arrested by Indian law enforcement agencies in Mumbai. Get more details from here.


Case 7


A Muslim terrorist of Islamic terrorist organization arrested in kerala. Get more details from here.


Case 8

Muslim Hooligans threatened Muslim families and females for opposing Triple Talaq.


Case 9


A Muslim cop in America killed an Australian blonde when she asked for help. Get more details from here.

We have left other cases of Muslim Hooliganism to reduce the article length.
See the details of more cases of Muslim hooliganism in this video- 

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