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Muslim News channel Al Jazeera support s controversial Muslim preacher Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik, a controversial Muslim cleric and supporter of Islamic terrorism, is currently hiding in Saudi Arabia to avoid his arrest and prosecution in India in connection with terrorism related issues, conversion to Islam and Money laundering. It was reported that Saudi Arabia, an Islamic terrorist country, has awarded the absconding criminal the citizenship of Saudi Arabia to avoid the red corner notice issued by the Interpol.

When I was browsing through Al Jazeera, a Muslim channel, a found a strange article in support of that Muslim hooligan.

As per the article, Zakir Naik is innocent and charges framed against him are baseless. Is the news channel unaware of the charges framed against him in India? How did it declare the accused as an innocent person before the police probe and verdict of Indian judiciary?

Al Jazeera is notorious for its biased reporting. It always tries to justify the Islamic terrorism and projects Muslims as victims even if they are culprits.

That is why American audience boycotted this third class channel and forced it to shut down its operation in America.

We will keep exposing the biased and one-sided reporting in mainstream media channels.

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