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Muslim’s Rape Jihad Goes rampant across Europe, Panic among Non-Muslim population

Muslim’s rape jihad (religious agitation) in Europe has reached at its peak point. Every now and then, Muslims are attacking Non-Muslim girls and raping them brutally. The irony is that Europe, which is dominated by Christianity, fails miserably to protect its females and girls from Muslim rapists. Before, I highlight this issue (often ignored by mainstream media), have a look at some of the most horrible gifts given by Muslims to Europe:

  1. Muslim refugee( 20), rapes a boy( 10) in Australia and it’s not a crime ,
  2. UK: Muslim gang rapes  Non-Muslim girls,
  3. Australia: 10-year-old boy raped by a Muslim, the culprit walks free, No punishment at all,
  4. Sweden: Muslim ‘refugees’ gang rape a boy,
  5. Muslims threaten British school children with ultra-violent rape,
  6. Germany: Muslim ‘refugee’ rapes and murders daughter of a senior EU official
  7. 1,200 German women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve.

These are some examples that highlight the problem of rape jihad caused by stupid Muslims.

What exactly in Rape jihad/Love Jihad?

Since 1400 years, Islam and its followers have been conducting brutal, callous and needless was against Non-Muslim population of the World and so far, they have murdered a large number of people. Their dirty game is not stopped. It is continued and no one knows when they will end their stupid concept of Jihad (Movement against Non-Muslims).

Muslims have a strange habit. They dream to eliminate all religions of the world and bring the whole World under the shadow of ISLAM which is impossible. In order to achieve this target, they have invented a new weapon called Rape jihad/Love Jihad.

Actually, Rape jihad/Love Jihad is an evil plan in which Muslim youths impress the teenage girls belonging to other religions with the help of money, good future and for the sake of Love. When a girl agrees to marry a Muslim boy, he forces them to accept ISLAM and upon refusal, they rape and kill the girl instantly and look for another prey. Even in India, we have several cases of Love Jihad. Some high profile cases of Love jihad is listed here below:

Person’s Name Profile Wife’s Name Religion
Amir Khan(Muslim) Actor, Hindi Cinema Kiran Roy Hindu
Shah-Rukh-Khan(Muslim) Actor, Hindi Cinema Gauri Khan Hindu, Name changed
Saif Ali khan (Muslim) Actor, Hindi Cinema Karina kapoor Hindu
Arbaz khan(Muslim) Actor, Hindi Cinema Malaika Arora Hindu, (relationship on the verse of collapse)

Note: Amir Khan & shaif Ali khan were married earlier with Hindu girls; they divorced their earlier wives and again married Hindu girls.

Coming back to Europe, because of Muslim’s rape jihad, Non-Muslim girls feel like confined in their homes. They are unable to lead a normal life. It’s a great shame for christens that they can’t protect their females.

It’s right time to conscious Europeans to stand up against the stupid activities of Muslims and kick them out of the Europe to protect the life of European females. 

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