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Muslim’s Stupid Love Jihad Continues, One more Hindu Girl brutally Murdered in UP by Muslim Goons

Allahabad, UP: It goes without saying that wherever Muslim go, they spread the dirt of the so called peaceful religion which has been in danger since it’s birth around 1400 years ago. In different parts of the world, Muslims are engaged in needless wars, crime against Non-Muslim Population, riots, population explosion, terrorist activities, insulting the traditions of Non-Muslims, rape jihad, Love jihad, etc. Despite the ignorance of mainstream media organizations, we come across so many criminal activities of Muslims that sometimes I think when they will stop their Nonsense activities and resort to science, technology, new ideas, creative and innovative thoughts?


In a latest incident of Love Jihad, A Muslim criminal  raped a Hindu Girl along with his friends and then killed her mercilessly with Gunshot. The police has arrested the main culprit and 2 more culprits are still at large.


It is a notable fact that the Hindu Girl was in love with her Muslim lover, inspired by the thought of Secularism and had a feeling of repulsion towards nationalist Hindus.


Nationalist Indians, active social media users, Hindu saints and some bloggers are actively warning Hindu, sikh and christian girls not to fall in love in Muslim boys because their don’t love Non-Muslim girls as their life partners, but they are one a mission to fascinate Non-Muslim girls in the name of live, bring them to Islam by all means, exploit them physically and then look for another prey.


In spite of so many campaigns to make Non-Muslim girls aware of the poisonous intentions of brainless Muslims, there are many Non-Muslim girls who purse love affairs with Muslim boys and got killed in the end.


Prevention is always  better than cure. Avoid falling in love with Muslim boys for your safety and security. How many Muslim girls fall in Love with Hindu boys and adopt the Hindu religion? It’s 0.000001%. so beware and protect yourself.

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