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NAMO Through the Eyes of a Common Indian- Promises vs Action Taken

Our Dear Readers, Do you feel India is really under Modi’s wave?  I don’t know your exact feelings, but I am quite sure that are some self proclaimed revolutionary politicians, secular leaders, Media workers and outlets, so called writers, ambassadors of secularism, Minority appeasement policy, human rights activities- all feel great uneasiness just because NAMO is India’s PM and he is leading the nation successfully and smoothly towards the path of all round development and better future.  PM Modi, since when he was appointed as India’s PM with absolute majority, did not take even a single leave & has been working continuously with the highest level of zeal and energy, which se don’t see in teenage cool dudes living in India’s Metropolitan  cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, etc. A person is in action at 66. A complete politician with all good merits- available to lead 125 crores Indians that too from the front.  But, there are some crap elements who cry foul against PM Modi 24*7/365 days just to stay in Media limelight and Modi Phobia is so intense among such pigs that they never dare to talk on issues related to the welfare of the common people of this country and even the nation itself, but they have lots of time to criticize PM Modi unnecessarily on extremely personal matters like Modi’s wife, mother, clothes, foreign tours, etc. We will expose such double standards in this article and tell you the truth.

Some highlights of Modi’s merits:

1.  24*7/365 Action Mode:

The PM and his entire cabinet is available 24*7/365 days to serve a big nation like India and solve the issues of common people quickly on priority basis. The PM himself works for 16 Hours daily and he responds to the letters sent to him at PMO & talks to ordinary Indians directly through MANN KI BAAT. When PM remains in action and supervise the performance of his ministers, it paves a positive wave on other ministers to perform in their allotted portfolios. That is why; overall work culture of the Government of India has changed a lot. Today, you can communicate with the PM Modi directly through PMO contact details and seek prompt, swift and timely help from his minister by writing directly to them on social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

2. Using Hindi for communication:

Hindi is India’s prominent language and if you know Hindi (being a foreigner), it helps you to understand India and rich Indian culture very well. PM Modi is completely different from his predecessors in terms of PM’s communication with the common people. We have seen several PMs in India, who consider it a matter of great honor to use English to communicated with Indians. Always keep in mind that Indians use English extensively only for meeting their various requirements such as to communicate with foreigners, apply for studies that are available only in English, travelling foreign countries, etc. But, English is not the language of common Indians. Around 97% Indians are Non-English Speakers. That is why; PM Modi uses Hindi to communicate with people which is his USP (Unique selling point- An Extra-ordinary merit that keeps you ahead of competitors). Using Hindi allows PM Modi to reach out the maximum number of people of this country and even NRIs living in foreign countries and convey his message in Easy to understand language. That is why; his popularity is increasing by leaps and bounds with each passing day.

3. Availability on all social Media channels:

PM Modi is perhaps the first politician in India who is available on all leading social Media forums which helps him to stay in touch with India’s rapidly increasing tech-savvy people. If you follow him on Twitter- A social Media and Micro blogging website- you will receive direct updates from the PM. Easy Accessibility on all social media channels have given Modi an important advantage over his political rivals who consider themselves are VIPs and are just like an alien (ईद का चाँद) for common public once they are voted to power for 5 years.

4. Open to Criticism:

Modi is perhaps the first Indian PM who doesn’t lose his temper even when the secular section of Indian media blows up an avalanche of unnecessary criticism against almost all steps he takes for the development of India. Indian Media should be thankful that PM Modi doesn’t decide their NEWS CONTENTS despite the fact that he has been facing UNFAIR MEDIA TRIAL since 2002 for his so called involved in Godhara riots- a baseless allegation, dismissed by the honorable supreme court of India. We see the cases wherein politicians openly warn true and honest journalists for doing fair and investigative journalism- A need for healthy democracy. Media prostitutes like Burkha Dutt, Ravish kumar, Punya Prashoon Vajpayee, Nikhil waghle, Anjna om Kashyap, Rajdeep sardesai, etc, continuously vomit hatred and venom against PM Modi in the name of journalism, but they enjoy the highest level of the “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSON” in their reporting. Otherwise, you can remind the cases of Ex-CIA worker Adword Snowden and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange- both are paying heavy price for doing the real journalism and telling the truth to common people.


  • Adword Snowden- He is facing high level treason and espionage changes in the USA for disclosing CIA’s unfair & unlawful monitoring  program( of World’s leading countries, companies, leaders, etc)- PRISM.  He is currently living in Russia as a political  refugee to save his life and avoid unjustified allegations made against him by FBI, American police, CIA and the Government of the USA.
  • Julian Assange- He is locked in Equator’s London Embassy as British police is all set to arrest him in a case of sexual harassment, filed against him in Sweden. He denies this allegation and says that relations were established on mutual agreement. He says- If he leaves the Equator’s London Embassy, the UK will deport him to Sweden and from there onwards he may be deported to America where he is wanted as a criminal for disclosing extremely confidential files of the USA government on the Internet which ashamed the American Government and exposed its evil nature before the Entire World.  

What hurts me a lot?

Being a conscious and alert common person, I know very well what PM Modi is doing for India. When I wake up early in the morning and tune to any Indian News channel, browse through the websites of Indian news websites, meet secular people (by chance), go through my social media profiles- I find a nasty anti-Modi buzz 24*7/365 days from so called well-educated individuals for whom vomiting anti- Modi venom is matter of “DO OR DIE” and prestige.  A person, who is paying the maximum attention to the nation to make it a developed country, is being criticized for nothing. This is a first class example of total hypocrisy. Let’s have a look at who these dirty elements are-

  • MUSLIMS- for Muslims, PM Modi is still a villain-Although I don’t stay in touch with Muslims, but I know very well that most of the Indian Muslims from a total population of 25 croes- consider PM Modi, BJP and RSS– a villain for nothing. I saw Muslims are extremely critical about PM Modi despite the fact that he is performing and taking all steps to cultivate development in India. I want to ask some straightforward and bitter questions to Indian Muslims:
  1. Why they consider BJP, RSS and PM MODI- as evil elements? Did any of these three ask them to leave India and try to hurt their sentiments by any way?
  2. Why Muslim do bulk voting for Congress, AAP and other contractors of MUSLIM votes, who have been presenting themselves as the only well-wishers of the MUSLIM COMMUNITY and uses Muslims as a vote bank to gain power?  What progress did Indian Muslims fetch by voting congress since 1947?- Riots, killing of innocent Muslims in several riots engineered by congressi leaders, high unemployment and illiteracy rates in Muslim population, social, religious and financial backwardness, no entry in mainstream society, etc. Did these things they expect from Secular lenders in past 60 years of congressi rule?  I personally believe that contractors of Muslim voters do nothing for the development of Muslim community.
  3. Why they refuse to integrate with mainstream society and oppose Uniform civil code and other useful laws?
  • For Secular Section of India Media:- For sold out journalists, Modi is a TRP makerImpartiality is the first and foremost condition of being a true and honest journalist. But, in India, there are many journalists and Media organizations, that are directly associated with political parties and their main work is to spread the agenda of political parties rather than doing the real journalism. For secular section of Indian Media, PM Modi is a TRP maker.  There are numerous media organizations such as NDTV India, AAJ Tak, ABP News, Navbharat Times, Economic Times, The Hindu, Jansatta, Dainik Bhaskar, etc, that misinterpret the facts and figures only to defame Modi Government unnecessarily and earn a huge TRP. Modi phobia is so rampant among secular media workers that they have started to act as pet dogs of their political fathers. I come across a number of Anti- Modi articles in Media organizations every day which are needless.
  • For common public: Mixed response.Although a large number of common people in India appreciate Modi’s effort to develop the country on all fronts, there are idiots who feel that PM Modi talks big about himself and he keeps travelling foreign countries unnecessarily. Such people don’t open the shutter of their mouth when stupid congressi leader Rahul Gandhi goes to foreign countries on the expenses of Tax payer’s money for his “personal gain”. Modi’s frequent foreign tours have rewarded India with a healthy increase in FDI, arrival of foreign tourists in India, India’s brand building across the globe.

4. Modi’s promises Vs action Taken:

As expectations from Modi government is Everest high, it’s important for us to analyze carefully about promises made by the BJP government and action taken. Have a look at key points.

Promises made by the Modi Government Action taken
Recovery of Black money Substantial progress has been made
Action against corrupt people Selective probe against low profile corrupt people. No strict action taken against powerful corrupt people like Robert Badhera, accused of several scams, etc. Personally, I am not satisfied.
Growth rate and FDI Moderate and Excellent, But government needs to do more
Action against terrorist country Pakistan Indian army given free hand to reply Pakistan’s nonsense act with full-force.
Action against China’s stupid act No substantial progress
India’s defense A lot action has been taken. Several defense deals has been finalized
Ease of doing business in India Not satisfactory compared to the developed nations
Elimination of Excessive red tape in Government offices Substantial progress made
Electrification of Rural India Substantial progress made

If you observe above data, you would come to know that Modi government is making steady and solid progress in different areas. Still there are some political rivals of PM Modi who continue talking nonsense at all the times. Have a look at their performance on different parameters Vs Modi Government Performance:

Leader’s name  

profile Administered Area Key projects people’s satisfaction level

Chances of  maintaining his/her post for another term

PM Modi India’s PM Entire India Make in India, Clean India campaign, etc. 72% High
Arvind kejriwaal CM, Delhi New Delhi Propaganda against PM Modi 8% Low
Nitish kumar CM, Bihar Bihar Political stunt in the name of implementing a complete ban on alcohol 43% Unpredictable
Rahul Gandhi Congress prince None Making stupid comments 0.3% Nil
Laloo yadav Ex-CM, Bihar Bihar Complete destruction of Bihar Banned from contesting Elections Nil
Akhilesh yadav CM, UP UP Appeasement of Muslims 13% Low.

Our observation:

So far, Modi Government is working properly. Let’s wait for complete 5 years to analyze the performance completely. Jai Hind ! Jai Bharat !

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