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The Nation Wants To Know About Rahul & Sonia’s Mysterious And Secret Foreign Trips

Congress President Sonia Gandhi (a foreign bar girl turned politician) and her son Rahul Gandhi are two main political figures in Indian politics, who are notorious for their anti-Hindu sentiments, large-scale financial misappropriation, insulting the real heroes of the nation and being absent in India when some important happenings take place in the country.


Both, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, belong to Italy and this is the reason they have nothing to do with the all-round development of India, solving the problems of the common people and playing the role of a creative opposition bloc.


Instead of this, they talk nonsense at all the times. From time-time, both of these two political leaders visit foreign countries mysteriously and details related to their foreign trip are unknown to countrymen.


A leader, which is projected by biased media organizations as “PM IN WAITING” doesn’t have enough qualifications to become even a clerk. India media talks nonsense about the foreign trips of PM Modi (which is done for the welfare of the country, not for the personal interest). But, the same media remains tightlipped about the mysterious foreign trips of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.


The nation wants to know what benefits Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi fetched so far for India by going to foreign countries on Tax payer’s Money?

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  1. Both of these goons visit foreign countries to invest their illegitimate money IB and RAW should conduct inquiries why are SPG guards watching them silently when they are cheating India

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