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No Dr. kafeel Ahmed Khan is not a Hero, Check out his alleged role in “Gorakhpur child massacre”

Special Report, Gorakhpur: Gorakhpur child massacre, which has claimed the life of 64 innocent children so far, is an example which clearly demonstrates how insensitive our hospitals, doctors, medical professionals, Governments, liable administration and media persons are towards the well being of the fellow Indians.

As soon as 64 kids lost their life in Gorakhpur, mainstream media organizations rushed to blame the state government, led by the CM Yogi Adityanath. They did not have the patience to find out the actual reason of the massacre and made a Muslim Doctor-Kafeel Khan a hero for his so-called extraordinary efforts to save the life of many children.

Once again, active social media users, alternative media organizations, and News blogs have successfully given a great blow to the credibility of mainstream Media organizations that consider themselves as opinion makers by twisting facts and running biased media campaigns.

As per our investigation and reports concluded by Sudarshan News channel and Punjab Kesari, Doctor Kafeel Khan is not a Hero. He is a rapist, burglar, and fraud element. Despite being appointed in a government hospital, Kafeel Khan runs a private clinic and gives most of his time to treat patients in his private hospital, not in government hospital.

He was also involved in the oxygen supply chain and used to earn a handsome amount every month as commission. Before Gorakhpur child massacre, he stole oxygen cylinders from the Government hospital and took them to his own hospital for use. When this tragic incident came in media limelight, he secretly supplied the stolen cylinders to the Government hospital and became a hero in the eyes of Common people. Even police officers, who are investigating this matter, establish this fact.

Moreover, Kafeel Khan tried to rape a female Nurse. He is also accused of sitting in a medical exam in place of other candidates. But due to his political influence, he managed to get the bail in this case. A great salute to our corrupt, incompetent and third class administration, police, law enforcement agencies and judiciary which don’t have guts to punish the powerful hooligans for their crimes.

See Some political tweets of Dr. Kafeel Khan……….

See how biased media prostitutes made him a hero and took a sharp u turn when he was exposed by social media users..

As soon as the reality of the Muslim Doctor-Kafeel khan became known to all, mainstream media organizations took a sharp U Turn and started to sing the song of social media users to save their face from public anger.

Our viewpoint: We believe that Dr kafil Khan has committed heinous crimes against the humanity and must be punished in accordance with the law. All culprits involved in the Gorakhpur child massacre should be dealt with iron hand regardless of their political and  social background.

Our appeal to Public:

Don’t trust the biased reporting of mainstream media organizations. Please wait for the situations to be clarified by other sources too.

Is it the right time to regulate the biased Indian media?

I firmly believe that mainstream media organizations-

  1. Manufacture fake News,
  2. Twist facts to make favorable coverage in favor of their political bosses and mislead the common people,
  3. Receive their paycheck from foreign donors, political figures, NGOs, etc to defame India and Hindu tradition.
  4. Justifies islamic terrorism and speaks in favor of Muslim terrorists and their sympathisers,
  5. Fix interview with corrupt politicians,
  6. Lick the boot and back of their police bosses and
  7. Pass the sensitive details of the nation to enemy countries under the name of journalism.

And Yes they chant the slogan of Media freedom to do the above-mentioned  fraudulent activities without any interruption.

See some previous heros of the biased Indian media and their current status:

Indian media Hero Reason why they are hero for Indian Media Current status
Muslim hooligans They hate Hindu, BJP and RSS There is a great anger against the stupid activities of Muslims. They are sidelined from mainstream Indian society
Delhi CM Arvind kejriwal Because he talks nonsense against PM Modi and BJP Now silent after facing humiliating loss in Goa, Punjab and Delhi Elections.
Kanhaiya kumar, Umar khalid and other anti-national crooks of JNU Because they call for the destruction and division of India. Out of jail on bail
Kashmiri Muslims and terrorists Because they seek partition from India Indian army giving them actual freedom with boots and bullets every day
Hardik patel Because he talks nonsense against BJP, RSS and PM Modi Out of the jail on bail
All self-proclaimed secular politicians and educated duffers Because they vomit fire against BJP, RSS and PM Modi Being sidelined in Elections

See this video-

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