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One more RSS worker killed in Kerala, High level of silence maintained by self-proclaimed seculars and liberals

Kerala, India: As Islamic hooligans, left terrorist organizations and champions of secularism have consolidated their presence in Kerala, the state has been hitting News headlines only for negative reasons. Kerala, which claims to have the highest literacy rate in India, has now become a horrible land for Hindus and anyone who disagrees with left party hooligans, self-proclaimed secular leader. 

In a shocking incident, hooligans of left parties killed an RSS worker Rajesh mercilessly and cut his palm. Since when the left party gained power in the state, brutal killings of BJP and RSS workers has increased manifold. As per a report we have, approx 267 workers of BJP and RSS have been killed so far by the butchers of left parties. The most surprising fact is that the central government of BJP, which is running a full majority government in NEW DELHI and has control over all of the law enforcement agencies, seems unwilling to hold the state government liable for such heinous crimes and punish those who are responsible. The top leadership of BJP- PM Narendra Modi and Amith Shah- are also appearing like impotent leaders in this case.

The most disappointing fact is that mainstream India media organizations, pseudo-seculars, champions of NOT IN MY NAME DRAMA, award wapsi gang, secular leaders- all are ok with the brutal killing of BJP and RSS workers in Kerala. They only open the shutter of their mouth and complain about so called increasing intolerance in India, crime against Muslims, oppression of Press freedom, etc, when a crime is done against Muslim hooligans. They never speak for Hindu victims of Islamic terrorism and terrorist activities of self-proclaimed of secular crooks.

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