It’s time we designate Pakistan what is it- a state sponsor of terrorism:US Congressman Ted Poe


Two American lawmakers introduced a bill the United States House of Representatives to designate Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism.  “It is time we stopped paying Pakistan for its betrayal and designate it for what it is: a state sponsor ...

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Breaking: 10 Terrorists Killed by Army in Lachipura Area of J&K’s Uri Sector


Total 10 terrorists killed by Army in Lachipura area of Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri sector, infiltration bid foiled (visuals deferred).   10 of the 15 terrorists trying to cross over to the Indian side from Pakistan have been killed by ...

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Islamic terrorist country Pakistan strikes India once again, Right time to take “brutal revenge”

uri attack india

India’s No. 1 Enemy country Pakistan, which is an artificial nation of brainless, duffer, uncivilized and hallow-minded Muslims, strikes India once again and has caused a massive damage to Indian Army. On 18 September, 2016, Pakistan supported Muslim terrorists attacked ...

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Here are the top birthday wishes PM Modi receives from Around the World


On this special day, special person PM Narendra Modi receives unconditional love from his fans on social networking site like Twitter. Here are some of the best wishes of PM Modi’s 66th Birthday: A very happy birthday to @narendramodi. Vasudhaiva ...

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Is Pakistan Not a hell? Think Now


A few days ago, India’s Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar described Pakistan as “hell” while lamenting this terrorist nation for exporting terrorism to India. It was a brave and bold statement made by a central minister working under the government of India, led ...

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Why a Comedian attacks PM Modi unnecessarily?


Since When Narendra Modi was appointed as India PM back in 2014, it has become a latest fashion to attack Modi unnecessarily for each and every problem of the country.  BJP’s massive win 2014 Loksabha Election was a big blow ...

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Sandeep’s Sex CD: Big Blow to AAP’s credibility

Sandeep Kumar Sex CD Row: Big Blow to AAP’s credibility

AAM AADMI PARTY or AAP has now become a political drama party wherein all so called AAM AADMI (Common people) are involved in heinous crimes such as making wild and baseless allegations against political opponents without providing any concrete evidence, ...

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Balochistan: Pakistan occupied independent country needs to be liberated immediately


India’s neighboring country Pakistan is a terrorist country which has been exporting terrorism to India, Afghanistan and rest of the world since when it came into existence in 1947 following India’s partition. Pakistan is an Islamic country which hates India ...

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Know why this picture of Modi and Obama from G 20 summit went viral


As we all know Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and American President Barack Obama are good friends. These two look impartible whenever they get together, even if they are surrounded by world leaders. A picture from G20 summit of Narendra ...

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Bad days for Middle East countries: Right Time to diversify their economies

Middle East Countries Economy

Middle East countries are attraction for millions of low skilled foreigners. Professionals such as carpenters, plumbers, building makers, daily-wagers from all parts of the world move towards these countries in search of jobs with decent monthly salaries apart from other ...

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