France’s Burkini Ban Controversy: Disastrous Effects of Minority Appeasement


France is a small country in Europe and is famous for its beauty, trade, art, culture, delicious food items, world famous tourist spots, literature, games and lot. Every year, Millions of people from all parts of the world visit this ...

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“Sindhu has what I didn’t have – my husband”: A shameless headline chose by Mumbai Mirror


Times Group Tabloid Mumbai Mirror dropped to a new low and gave the worst headline possible for the latest interview with Coach Pullela Gopichand’s wife PVV Lakshmi. Pullela Gopichand’s wife Laxmi also belongs to the field of sports as she ...

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PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day Speech at Red Fort: 10 Key highlights


PM Narendra Modi addressed the country from Red Fort in honor of the 70th anniversary of Independence, After unfurling the tricolour. Here are the top highlights from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence day speech: 1. “I have tried to adopt ...

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Hillary Clinton: A disastrous Corruption Queen in the USA


US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is the first female candidate to be successfully nominated for US election. Before this, several powerful female politicians tried to be selected for complicated presidential elections in the USA, but they failed miserably.  She ...

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New Swachh Bharat ad #DontLetHerGo by Kangana Ranaut, Amitabh Bachchan

New Swachh Bharat ad

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s dream project Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan has been spreading awareness about Clean India. Various Bollywood celebraties have also supported the campaign since then, now the major names like Amitabh Bachchan and Kangna Ranaut have come ahead ...

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Vladimir Putin: One Man Army- Russia is on move

Vladimir Putin is a Russian politician and the current president of the Russian federation. Russia is a big country in Europe and it is so large that it has 9 different time zones. This country is famous around the world ...

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Ambassadors of Intolerance Vs One Man army: Manohar Parrikar always rocks

While launching the Marathi edition of a book by journalist Nitin Gokhale in Pune, India’s Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar criticized the ambassadors of Intolerance campaign and said that such people must be taught a lesson. Although, he did not mention ...

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Modi Government creates History, GST All set to be implemented soon

GSTBill-benefits of gst to common man, economy

The government of India, led by Prime Minister Modi, has finally created a history by getting GST bill passed by the upper section of Indian parliament, Rajyasabha. Now, this bill will become a law as soon as the honorable president ...

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Money affects Justice in India: Salman’s Acquittal questions the credibility of Indian Judiciary

Have a look at the verdict of the different courts of INDIAN JUDICIARY in a high profile criminal case of India’s most controversial actor SALMAN KHAN: Accused Changes framed against him      Court Verdict Salman Khan Shooting and killing endangered ...

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Financial woes of Indian farmers: Who cares for them?


We eat food at least 3 times a day. We go to popular food outlets and place orders for unhealthy, but costly snacks and burgers. We drink milk and take tea every day. We need sugar, curd and other edible ...

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