Love jihad goes rampant in New Delhi, A Muslim boy kills 19 year old Hindu Girl in one-sided love affair


We have been continuously reporting about Muslim hooliganism and terrorism to make people aware of the possible dangers of having a relationship with unbelievable Muslim people.   Muslims are at war against Non-Muslim 24×7/364 days, but secular Hindus have been ignoring ...

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The Nation Wants To Know About Rahul & Sonia’s Mysterious And Secret Foreign Trips


Congress President Sonia Gandhi (a foreign bar girl turned politician) and her son Rahul Gandhi are two main political figures in Indian politics, who are notorious for their anti-Hindu sentiments, large-scale financial misappropriation, insulting the real heroes of the nation ...

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Chinese Propaganda Bullhorn Global Times threatens India with military action, India fights back


Our Dear Readers, The tension between a stupid communist country China and India is increasing with each passing day. Both of these two countries have deployed lethal weapons, tanks and Military on the border. China is determined to grab Bhutan’s ...

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Good News for Indians travelling to America, Low-level Scrutiny on American Airports


America is said to be the land of limitless opportunities. If you have an excellent command over English, expertise in your profession, invitation from any MNC company/firm to work and earn in America, this country welcomes you with red carpet ...

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Asaduddin Owaisi Insults Indian Parliament and PM Modi, No Cry from Seculars & Self Proclaimed Intellectuals

Akbaruddin Owaisi pm modi

Muslim hooliganism in India is rapidly spreading like a fire. But, due to the Muslim appeasement and secularism policy, INDIAN law enforcement agencies, such as police, NIA, CBI, judiciary and political establishment is taking any stern action against them. A ...

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List of Cases: No Media Coverage on Smugglers Are Killing Cattle Farmers Across India

Smugglers Are Killing Cattle Owners

“On Friday night at 11.45 pm, a gang of cattle smugglers entered a farmer’s house in Agra’s Kotrekapura village. As they tried to run away with his buffalo, the farmer, Charan Singh, woke up and nabbed one of the thieves. ...

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Indian Army kills 2 Muslim Terrorists in Kashmir, Local Muslim population creates disturbance in Anti-terrorism campaign

Indian army soldiers arrive at the site of a gunbattle with suspected militants in Chadoora, on the outskirts of Srinagar

It’s a bad news for seculars and biased media workers who speak in favor of Muslim terrorists! After given free hand (by the government of India) to “search and kill” Pakistan sponsored Muslim terrorists and their local agents, Indian Army ...

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PM Modi to Visit Israel Soon, Relationship b/w India and Israel Like to get a Big Boost


Our Dear Readers,   PM Modi’s aggressive foreign policy has helped India to strengthen its bilateral relationship with different countries of the world. It seems that more and more countries are eager to give Red Carpet welcome to India PM ...

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Meanwhile in the Middle East: It’s Muslim Vs Muslim


We all know that Muslims always talk about the unity among the members of their community and they all become unanimous when it comes to- Protect the follow Muslims (accused of crime, rape, and other criminal offenses) from legal action ...

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Award Returning Drama and Intolerance India campaign Kicks off Once Again in India, All Seculars are ok with Muslim Terrorism & hooliganism for the sake of secularism


Our dear readers, Since 2014, when the BJP kicked the most corrupt political party congress out of power and formed a strong government in NEW DELHI under the leadership of PM Modi, Congressi Pimps, biased press reporters, self proclaimed secular ...

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