One more RSS worker killed in Kerala, High level of silence maintained by self-proclaimed seculars and liberals


Kerala, India: As Islamic hooligans, left terrorist organizations and champions of secularism have consolidated their presence in Kerala, the state has been hitting News headlines only for negative reasons. Kerala, which claims to have the highest literacy rate in India, has ...

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Muslim’s Stupid Love Jihad Continues, One more Hindu Girl brutally Murdered in UP by Muslim Goons


Allahabad, UP: It goes without saying that wherever Muslim go, they spread the dirt of the so called peaceful religion which has been in danger since it’s birth around 1400 years ago. In different parts of the world, Muslims are engaged ...

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Muslim Hooliganism goes rampant in India & across the world, major cases


As a common citizen of India, on several occasions, I have observed that mainstream media organizations don’t report about the incidents in which Muslims are culprits. Even if they report, the intensity of reporting is quite low. Whenever mainstream media ...

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Israel furious with Al-Jazeera’s biased coverage, threatens to block it in the country


Al-Jazeera, which is notorious for justifying Islamic terrorism and speaking in favour of Muslim terrorists, has landed in a trouble once again. This time it has annoyed Israel with its biased reporting. Israel is a small country which is surrounded ...

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Tax Tribunal Court held Prannoy Roy Responsible for Money Laundering, Asked him to pay a massive fine


Jaipur: It seems that the problems of an Anti-India, anti-national, anti-hindu, anti BJP and  anti-RSS News channel NDTV is increasing rapidly. Since long, this biased congressi propaganda bullhorn has been involved in misleading reporting and its main duties are- To leak ...

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After CBI Raid Against Corruption king Laloo Yadav & his Family Members, It’s Laloo Vs Nitish in Bihar

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Patna, Bihar Recently, CBI raided the houses of corruption king Laloo Yadav, attached the properties of his relatives and grilled the deputy CM of Bihar Tejaswini Yadav, Misa Bharti & her husband in financial crimes. Soon after CBI raid, Bihari ...

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Is it Right Time to Renovate the Indian Judiciary?

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New Delhi, A few days ago, on the instruction of Indian judiciary, the government of India issued a notification banning the sale and purchase of cattle only for slaughter.  Soon after the notification, Muslims, self-proclaimed secular governments of Kerala and West ...

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Supreme Court Thrashes pro Muslim Maharashtra Govt, Quashed the State Government Request to Save a Mosque


After gaining power from Hindu votes, several BJP leaders are involved in Muslim appeasement act and face fierce criticism from people and judiciary.   As per a report we have, the supreme Court of India has criticized the Maharashtra government ...

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Philippines Thrashes Muslims, Plans to Issue a Separate Identification Card for Muslims


These days, Philippines is fighting with the Muslim terrorists of ISIS. Just like India, Philippines have been a victim of Islamic Terrorism since long. Muslims living in this small nation has been waging a war against the country to demand ...

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India Gets its New President, A Great Jolt to Opposition Parties


As expected, Ramnath Kovind- BJP’s candidate for president post, has won the  president election. He defeated Mira Kumar, opposition nominee for president post, with a huge margin. On the other hand, BJP nominated it’s senior leader Vainkaiya Naidoo as its ...

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